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Harding Study Space Opens

The Harding law library first opened its doors to University of Birmingham Students in 1961 and it remained a favourite study space, particularly for law students, until its closure in 2016.

All books were relocated to the new Main library which is now the host of the 55,000 law books that the University has available.

With the demand for more study spaces across campus, the law school promised the development of a new space that would include facilities for studying and mooting (debating of legal issues). The Harding Space was due to open at the start of the second term in 2017, however, it faced minor delays, but it finally opened on the 15th January. There are still jobs that need completing to give the space its finishing touches, which may cause some disruptions, for instance, the main entrance is still not fully accessible.

The space features over 200 study spaces with 70 PCs and 70 PC-less work stations. There are 9 study rooms which are available for booking through the same system as is used for the Main Library. It also includes a Translation Suite which is aimed to improve the teaching experiences of Modern Languages students. A new Moot Room was at the heart of the project and will be highly beneficial for the law school’s mooting activities as well as providing a different kind of teaching space.

Whilst the law library is still dearly missed, the new study space is highly welcomed, especially amidst criticisms that there is not enough study space available on campus. It will be open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday with food and drink will be permitted in the space.



21st February 2018 at 9:00 am

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