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Selly Oak Blackout

Read the full, updated report Selly Oak has been plunged into darkness this evening as a fire rages at a substation near the railway in Selly Oak

Read the full, updated report

Selly Oak has been plunged into darkness this evening as a fire rages at a substation near the railway in Selly Oak. We're told around 20,000 customers could be affected.

A large number of houses in Selly Oak, Harborne, Edgbaston and Bournville were left without electricity on Tuesday evening after a substation fire near Battery Park, Selly Oak. The power cut closed Bristol Road between Bournbrook Road and Harborne Lane and affected train services. Cadbury chocolate factory survived the outage lasting for about one or two hours with its generators.

Update, 22:53pm


Reported power outages

Update, 10:30am, Thursday
The University released a further update saying:

Thursday morning message to staff and students is to attend work/lectures as normal. Power has been restored to every building on campus but there will still be some disruption as the University continues to run on emergency power provisions. Please continue to conserve energy where possible.

It is imperative that staff and students conserve as much electrical power as possible while Western Power work to restore the University's regular supply. The University campus is currently operating on emergency power sources only and in order that the University can keep operating as normally as possible please ensure that only essential equipment is switched on and use electricity sparingly.

Updates will continue to be posted on twitter @unibirmingham #UoBblackout

As at 08.51hrs all buildings have power and are open.

Please be aware that email and phone systems across campus are not working at full capacity and staff are working to rectify this situation.

The Main Library and Learning Centre are open as usual.

Key services are opening and running, including student printing.

30% of clusters are down but staff are working to restore all clusters as soon as possible.  The smartphone app with these details is currently being updated.

If you need to submit assignments please contact your Department/College directly for details.

Power in some halls of residence will continue to be intermittent throughout the daytime until provision returns to normal.  Power supply to halls of residence will be prioritised during early evening and overnight.

Students are advised to attend all classes/lectures as usual although there may be some continuing disruption.  This page will be updated on a regular basis - if you have specific enquiries regarding your course you are advised to contact your Department.

In the meantime, please use only ESSENTIAL power.

Update, 12:30pm, Wednesday
The Geography building (GEES) will remain closed for the rest of the day due to the power outage.

Update, 11:14am, Wednesday
The University released a statement this morning saying:

You will be aware that there was a massive power outage due to failure of a Western Power sub-station last night. Overnight, University teams worked tirelessly to establish an emergency power supply to as many buildings as possible.

Your teaching may be affected but please turn up as usual. We will update this page throughout the day, and for more information please contact your department. Power in some halls of residence will be intermittent throughout the day but we are prioritizing to return to full power by the evening.

In the meantime, please use only ESSENTIAL power.

The following buildings are open and operating on emergency power:

Gisbert Kapp
Bramall building
Physics East
Chemistry West

The University hopes that the following buildings will have power soon:

Estates West
Chemical Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Civil Engineering

The University is hoping that the following buildings will be open by the end of the day:

Business School
Learning Centre
Computer Science
Occupational Health
Public Health
Metallurgy and Materials
Netshape building
Physics West

Photos by Anna Kirk, Charlotte Wilson and Freddie Herzog

We're Tweeting as we find out more on the hashtag #SOBlackout


6th November 2012 at 9:37 pm