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Snow Causes Havoc Across Birmingham

Recent snowfall has led to both major disruption and great fun across the Midlands

Heavy snowfall continued across large parts of the UK, with an amber weather warning remaining in place for central areas until 6pm Monday. Sunday was the coldest day for seven years with temperatures dipping to -12C in some places. Monday night was expected to be even colder with temperatures forecast to fall as low as -15C.

All schools in Birmingham were closed on Monday due to the snow.

Sunday was the coldest day for seven years
A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said: "Due to the recent adverse weather and forecast for freezing conditions overnight, I have instructed all Birmingham City Council-run schools and related school transport services to not operate [on Monday].

“This is because conditions will remain very hazardous [on Monday] and the safety of our children and young people is of paramount importance. Even if pupils walk to school we will not be able to guarantee enough staff on site to look after them.”

In transport, all West Midlands bus services were cancelled on Sunday. On Monday, their website crashed due to a high volume of people checking in on transport details. Despite this, the company updated passengers via Facebook and confirmed the Midlands' biggest bus firm will run a number of services.

For flights, there were some cancellations and delays to and from Birmingham Airport. This follows from airports such as Edinburgh, where seven flights had been cancelled, while Manchester airport had 13 departures listed as cancelled.

Students used the snow to build miniature Old Joes

British Airways said it had reduced its flight schedule from Heathrow due to the forecast of continued bad weather.

Meanwhile, several stories of interest have occurred due to the unexpected snowfall.

One Uber user was left with a headache - after being charged up to £149 for a journey from Harbourne to Solihull. The automatic surge pricing model comes into effect during busy periods.

At the University of Birmingham, students built an igloo on campus. This was posted on the Fab N Fresh facebook group with a message reading, “Looking for 4th housemate to fill our temporary accommodation (structurally unsound). £6.83pw including no bills. Great location, free UoB wifi, built-in fridge freezer, dm for details.”

Students also used the snow to build miniature Old Joes instead of classic snowmen. In Selly Park, students arranged snowball fights.

Outside of student life, four-by-four owners volunteered to help medics get into work all across Birmingham.

And in a bizarre twist of events, paramedics were called out in response to worried residents fearing a person was freezing to death on a park bench only to find out the patient could be helped as it was statue.

4x4 owners volunteered to help medics get into work

West Midlands Ambulance paramedic Katie Tudor tweeted: “Next, call from a member of the public who was concerned that there was someone sat on a bench, not moving and covered in snow!

“Luckily, on our arrival, it turned out to be a statue”


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