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University of Birmingham Falls in International Rankings

The Times Higher Education rankings have been published leaving Birmingham at 141 on the international rankings.

The University of Birmingham has fallen 11 places since last year’s rankings dropping from 130 to 141.

The international rankings are calculated on consideration of 5 factors: Teaching, Research, Citations, Industry Income and international Outlook. In each category the university is scored out of a hundred before being given a general score which decides the rankings.

Despite falling down the general rankings, UoB has risen in some of the sub-categories. Most notably the university’s score for international outlook has increased to 86.3 which is perhaps due to the new campus in Dubai, the opening of which was confirmed in May of this year. This high score could also be attributed to the large amount of international students that the university houses with 27% of all students coming from abroad.

However, in things that most likely matter most to students at the Birmingham campus, such as the score for teaching, the university did not do so well receiving only 38.3 points in this category. While this seems low in comparison to other divisions, in comparison to other similar ranking Russell Group universities this is not a remarkable score with Warwick which placed a whole 50 places ahead only scoring 46.6 for teaching.

The university has also fallen in terms of Research and Industry Income which would account for the university’s fall overall. However it seems likely that in factors such as International Outlook the university will continue to rise especially once the new campus in the Emirates opens in September 2018.

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10th September 2017 at 9:00 am