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Graduate Employers Target UoB

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    Meet the Candidates Running in Ladywood

    Redbrick spoke to three of the four candidates in the Birmingham Ladywood constituency which covers much of the city centre

    Written by Joseph Timan on 7th June 2017


    Theresa May Questioned over Higher Education Policy

    Prime Minister Theresa May is facing scrutiny after failing to address a tuition fee questions during a speech on the campaign trail

    Written by Megan Stanley on 3rd May 2017


    PMQs: Catchphrase Chaos for the Conservatives

    Comment Writer Lisa McGrady argues that 'Punch and Judy' politics and catchphrases merely cause further political disillusionment

    Written by Lisa McGrady on 3rd May 2017


    Conservative Candidate For Edgbaston Named As Caroline Squire

    The Conservative Party have announced that Caroline Squire will be running to become the MP for the Edgbaston constituency in June’s election

    Written by Megan Stanley on 1st May 2017


    Redbrick Digest: Cameron and Miliband live Q&A

    Last night, the leaders of the two main political parties made their case before a live studio audience.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall & Danyal Hussain on 27th March 2015


    Conservatives narrow gap to 4%

    The Green Party stays steady at 43% but the Conservative Party support hits a high of 39%.

    Written by James Phillips on 15th March 2015


    Conservative campaign not targeting several Birmingham seats

    On 10th February, a leaked list of Conservative target seats revealed that the party's campaign headquarters will not be targeting several Birmingham seats.

    Written by Duncan Kenyon on 1st March 2015


    PPE General Election Debates 2015: Andrew Mitchell, Conservative

    Sam Bartlett and Taahira Khan report on the most recent PPE student-led election debate, with Andrew Mitchell, the Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield.

    Written by Sam Nightingale Bartlett & Taahira Khan on 24th February 2015


    PPE General Election Debates 2015: Andrew Mitchell, Conservative

    As part of a series of General Election debates, Andrew Mitchell, MP for the Conservative Party in Sutton Coldfield, is giving a speech and answering questions from the audience.

    Written by Redbrick on 19th February 2015


    Tories announce Midlands economic plan

    In the run up to the May General Election, David Cameron and George Osborne have been touring the nation. Last week, they visited Birmingham, with the announcement of the the party's economic plan to help boost the Midlands' economy.

    Written by Sam Nightingale Bartlett on 18th February 2015


    Party Conference season: What’s in it for me as a young person?

    Redbrick's Education correspondent, Duncan Kenyon reports on the Party Conference in relevance to students and young people.

    Written by Duncan Kenyon on 17th October 2014


    Cable predicts rise in tuition fees under Conservative Parliament 

    Liberal Democrats expect the Conservative Party to raise fees to £15,000 in a future Government.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 8th October 2014
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