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Spitfires Fly Under the Radar to Steal Stage 1

Our esports journalist and gaming editor Roshni Patel describes how London Spitfire overcame great odds to achieve victory in stage 1 of the inaugural Overwatch League

In a surprise upset, the London Spitfires swept through the stage 1 finals to take home $100,000 from the two teams who had beaten them earlier that week. Coming into the first stage playoffs after 2 straight losses, the Spitfires had a lot to prove, as they attempted to adapt to their opponent’s aggressive play styles and fight back through the finals.

Starting the day bright and early at 11am, after their Thursday night loss to the Houston Outlaws, the Spitfires fired up their engines to battle the New York Excelsiors for the position of first place and the bye in the stage play offs. However, while they starting off well, they were soon falling behind, despite pushing the match to a map 5, where the control maps swung heavily into NYXL’s favour.

Undeterred by their first defeat of the day, the Spitfires spent the day strategising for their return, while the LA Valiants looked on with horror as the Houston Outlaws pulled it out of the bag to defeat the Boston Uprising and win themselves the last place in the play-offs, knocking theValiants out through their much higher map differential. But round 2 against the Spitfires proved to be far harder than their first meeting, as the Outlaw’s DPS were expertly zone out and shutdown by Spitfire’s Birdring and Profit, to lose to the semi-finals 3-1.

Waking up from their nap, the New York Excelsiors’ returned to the stage, fully rested and ready for a repeat performance of the morning. However, despite a excellent first start, where their Tracer, Widowmaker and Genji play secured them the first half, it was not be, as the Spitfires returned with a vengeance to sweep the series from behind. Walking away victorious after playing a total of 14 maps, the London Spitfires have established themselves as the best all Korean roster in the league.

As stage 2 sets to kick off next week, we’ll be sure to see a whole new battlefield as the maps are changed, the nerfing patches are added and rosters grow with the addition of newly inked talent.

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16th February 2018 at 9:00 am

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