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Recap: Mega Man 30th Anniversary Livestream

30 years on from his first outing, Mega Man has some exciting anniversary announcements for future games and platform ports

The Mega Man 30th anniversary livestream took place on 4th December, celebrating three decades of the Blue Bomber and his platforming escapades. An IP that has lay dormant for a rather substantial amount of time (the latest traditional title in the series being released in 2010), the livestream contained some big announcements that are sure to excite any fan of the series.

The largest of these was the announcement of Mega Man 11, a brand-new mainline title being released for PS4, XBOX ONE, Switch and PC; from the initial trailer coinciding with the announcement, looks to diversify itself from its predecessors. Graphically, the retro 8-bit presentation is done away with and replaced with modern, cel-shaded, HD models, giving the game a unique and striking visual style. Rest assured, however, that the traditional ‘jump and shoot’ mechanics still seem to be in place. Capcom have stated the game ‘will be a great entry for both fans and newcomers to the series to dive into as it retains its signature challenge while offering a variety of difficulty options’.

Mega Man 11 is slated for a ‘late 2018’ release.

Mega Man 11

Also confirmed on the livestream was that Nintendo Switch users would be graced with Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, chronicling Mega Man 1-6 and 7-10 respectively. The two titles were originally released in 2015 and 2017 for the PS4, XBOX ONE and PC, with the 3DS receiving only the first collection. This announcement marks the first time a Nintendo system will get the second collection, meaning gamers will be able to experience all ten Mega Man games before the elusive eleventh sees release - it has also been confirmed the games will support the use of Amiibos.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are expected to launch for the Switch in Summer 2018.

One final surprise was a rerelease of all 8 Mega Man X games, coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX ONE and PC. It was left rather vague as to whether these games would be released as individual titles or as a collection, however Capcom says more information on the games will be released in the coming months. The spinoff series spans games from the SNES to the PS2, making for a wide variety of different experiences for players.

The Mega Man X games are also expected to launch Summer 2018.

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