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Review: Bad Moms Christmas

Film Critic Tom Smith Wrinch isn't feeling the festivities in A Bad Moms Christmas

Well it seems that Christmas certainly hasn’t come early this year. After watching the second rendition of what has now become a rather crude franchise, Bad Moms Christmas certainly lived up to expectation. Focusing on the stresses of Christmas, it seems that these mothers just can’t catch a break. Well, as predicted this film offers them a chance to be “bad moms” amidst this busy period, leaving behind any form of character development, structural dialogue and any semblance of an interesting story line. I mean, any film featuring a gingerbread phallus just isn’t my idea of an Oscar-winning epic, rather the crass, cheap and ultimately boring viewing that this movie brought to the table. It’s safe to say however that my mum loved it.

The story itself centres around the same three struggling mothers (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn), who, struggling with their rather bratty children must make it through the exertions of Christmas. It’s safe to say that they can’t seem to cope with the pressure, leading to a “taking back of Christmas” and ensuing with rather diabolical festivities that can only really appeal to the middle-aged mother.

The film was simply slow, choosing to stray away from many of the more interesting characters that made the first instalment enjoyable
Saying that, in attempting to revert away from the originality of the first film we are introduced to the trios’ respective mothers (Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon and Chery Hines) yet to little effect. Acting as effectively the older stereotypes of their daughters however they offer nothing more than limited character development and even more cringe-worthy gags. The film itself was simply slow, choosing also to stray away from many of the more interesting characters that made the first instalment somewhat enjoyable. The characters themselves fundamentally provided little else than their cliches and with dialogue spewing out of mouths such as, “Let’s put the ass back in Christmas” again it is safe to say that this wasn't aiming for awards.

One must also mention that, in reverting back to the crude nature of such a “mom” film, the number of male strip scenes was simply unnecessary if not a little unnerving, adding to the perverted crassness that must somehow appeal to mothers around the world. Unfortunately, it must be taken into consideration that aside from male strippers, a ginger bread penis, shaved vaginas and a twerking Santa Clause that this film, in its own twisted fashion, serves nominally as a family film. Granted, not for whole family viewing but as an  attempted emotional and sincere take on family and its maternal relationships. Aside from that, the Christmas spirit as they say is fundamentally decimated beneath the mounds and mounds and mounds of just rude, sexualised humour.

The Christmas spirit is decimated beneath the mounds and mounds and mounds of just rude, sexualised humour
The film itself proved rather boring, dragging along with it crude joke after joke and when that finished, an utterly predictable story-line left audiences whole-heartedly disappointed. The acting within this movie certainly doesn’t help either. With predictable over-exaggerated and somewhat over-acted characters, the picture simply lends itself to mediocrity. Again, with a plethora of innuendos, cheap gags and crude dialogue this film ultimately doesn’t benefit from much quality, instead hiding behind the rather vulgar pretext of motherhood.

This Christmas film provides just the same charm and magic as a dry mouth. Unable to fully quench its course nature and leaving just the same revolting taste in an audience’s throat. Expecting this film to live up to its crude potential I was not disappointed and yet that is all it will ever be; a cheap, unpolished and ultimately boorish movie that is unlikely to leave audiences feeling the warming joy that the season has to offer. Offering instead of an X-mas vibe, more that of an XXX-mas. Again, it is safe to say however that my mother whole-heartedly enjoyed it.

Verdict: The Christmas spirit has certainly been violated within this crude, gag filled Christmas film simply offering nothing more than a boring rendition of its predecessor; lacking any quality, direction or originality that the first movie lent itself.


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22nd November 2017 at 9:00 am

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