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Single Review: James Blunt – Time of Our Lives

Grace Duncan takes on James Blunt's uninspired new single

On hearing the first single from his upcoming album The Afterlove, you would think that Blunt was heading in a different direction, but his most recent single, ‘Time of Our Lives’ is all too familiar for anyone who has heard one of his songs in the last decade.

If you played this to me without telling me who was singing it, I would be able to tell you who it was. Perhaps he is hoping that sticking to what he knows will be what he needs to do to keep any sort of audience paying attention to him, but in reality, I think it is time he hung up the guitar.

Blunt’s rigid application of the rhyming couplet demonstrates his frankly lacklustre lyric writing ability. The chorus, ‘I'm feeling time moves slow / I'm seeing faces glow / None of them shine as bright / as you tonight’ feel forced and generic. I also don’t really understand why faces are glowing, to be honest, and I struggle to understand its relevance.

However, the romance of the lyrics and Blunt’s continued efforts to put his partners on a pedestal make me think that dating James Blunt would be a really good ego boost. He definitely thinks that this girl, and her entire family, is pretty great.

Regardless of the romance, like a wife who has been married for fifty years, the song struggles to reach a climax and remains at a monotonous tone for four and a half long minutes.

If this does, however, sound like your kind of deal, his album is out on 24th March.

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