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Single Review: LuvBug – Best Is Yet To Come

LuvBug's latest single features lead singer of Scouting for Girls, Roy Stride.

LuvBug are the electro/dance DJ trio made up of The White N3rd, JKAY and former JLS star, Marvin Humes. Following top 20 success with their first two singles ‘Resonance’ and ‘Revive (Say Something)’ as well as a string of popular remixes for artists such as Fleur East, Little Mix and The Saturdays, the group are back, launching 2016 with their next soon to be hit ‘Best Is Yet To Come.’

Their previous efforts featured the voices of the insanely talented and often underrated Talay Riley and Mark Asari, however this time round they’ve opted for a perhaps more recognisable voice of Roy Stride: lead singer of Scouting for Girls. You might think, what place does have a typically indie pop vocal have on a electro pop production? But the LuvBug boys make it work. In a short amount of time, they seem to have cemented their sound - laidback music that also makes you want to dance. It has a calm vibe, perfect for pub gardens, and their latest tune is no different.

‘Best Is Yet To Come’ boasts an encouraging hook, with repeated lines ‘but my father told me son, your best is yet to come,’ that offers some nostalgic comfort, leading into a catchy chorus supported by a fierce drum beat. Of course, as is accustomed to all of the best dance classics, there needs to be something memorable, quirky or cute - something for the masses to chant out drunkenly at festivals a là Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up.’ LuvBug don’t disappoint. Running through the track we hear ‘la da de la de da’ that provides us all with our much needed ‘sing along’ moment.

The song ends with a rather haunting repetition of ‘but my father told me son, the best is yet to come,’ followed by an abrupt finish. The message to take away then is perhaps clear, maybe a little clichéd, the best is still yet to come in 2016 for the LuvBug boys.


3rd March 2016 at 2:03 pm

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