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UoB students and alumni set to carry Olympic torch

With the famous torch making its way to Birmingham this weekend, some outstanding members past and present at the university have been given the chance to carry it through the West Midlands...

Birmingham students and alumni have been chosen to carry the Olympic torch as it makes it way through the West Midlands. Below is information on the chosen five who have been given the honour.

For more information on where you can see the torch being carried and the BBC coverage, click here

Dr Matt Bridge

Matt is a senior lecturer who specialises in using sports science methods including 3D motion analysis to improve performance, particularly in golf. He is also interested in how coaches should nurture talented youngsters to develop lifelong participation and world class performance.

Beckie Port

Beckie is a Cancer Research UK funded postgraduate researcher in the school of cancer sciences, whose research looks at how normal cells become cancerous. She also spends time working in the community with Cancer Research UK to explain the importance of cancer research.

Dr Celia Taylor

Celia is a lecturer in the Medical School, who is particularly interested in improving education for medical students. In her spare time Celia is also an outstanding middle distance runner, who is hoping to qualify for the 800m at the London games.

Annabel Fitzgerald

Annabel is a final year undergraduate studying Sports and Materials Science. She was awarded the University’s Sports Leadership Award for her huge commitment in developing Intra-League sport on campus.

Mostafa Soleimani

Mostafa is an alumnus who studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering, graduating in 2010. In Mostafa's own words: 'Being at a leading university is an amazing thing. However, at Birmingham you are not just in a leading university, but in a university which is normally top three for most sports in the country. Sport at UoB meant involvement to me, making friends, being a part of a team and enjoying myself. I have been at four universities in the UK and will never forget the achievements I had in sport at UoB.'

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28th June 2012 at 5:24 pm