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Spotlight On: Women’s Cricket

Online editor, Nicola Kenton, spoke to the vice-captain of women's cricket Georgina Brown to find out more about the club

The women's cricket club have one full team with 32 members of the squad. They compete in the BUCS indoor and outdoor competitions, playing in the highest BUCS Leagues. Birmingham competed in the Western indoor division and finished top of the league after winning all six matches. They have successfully qualified for the semi-finals of the competition which will take place on February 12th with Sheffield, Durham, Loughborough, Kent, Southampton Solent, Exeter and Cardiff Met.

Similarly to the men's teams, the women train at the indoor cricket centre at Edgbaston. They train once a week on Thursdays which includes a mixture of net practices and other skills. For the outdoor season, there is also a training session on Mondays at King Edward's school.

In terms of the outdoor season, usually it starts the week before semester 3 commences and preparation for this comes in the form of the friendly week, which is the last week of semester 2. Obviously, the outdoor season clashes with exam season and this can cause issues, "It's not too bad, it serves as a nice revision break and allows you to not concentrate on exams all the time. However, there can be times when we lack numbers for games but we still compete even if we do not have full capacity"

What happened last season?

Last season we got to the semi-finals of the outdoor championships without winning a game. Unfortunately, we didn't play in the semi's but it was a spirited season and there were plenty of opportunities for everyone. We made the semi-final's because the club did not forfeit any games, we continued to compete even though we did not have enough players - one disadvantage of playing in exam season - however, other teams who had forfeited games were not allowed through to the semi-finals which resulted in us being there.

Contact Details

Club Captain - Jessica Ward;

Email -;

Twitter - UBWCC;

Facebook - University of Birmingham Women's Cricket (closed group)

What are the aims for this season?

This season we aim to be competitive in the outdoor games and win the majority of them. We want to help develop the cricket skill set of our members and to have fun, while getting other people into cricket.

What is the match you're most looking forward to playing?

The match we are most looking forward to is playing Loughborough in the semi-finals of the indoor competition. The rivalry against Loughborough is what everybody wants and to be involved in a game against them will be great.

What is the best thing about cricket?

I think the best thing is spending your day in the sun with good friends and watching people do well.

5 Reasons to Try to Women's Cricket

  1. We have a lot of fun
  2. It is a welcoming and friendly atmosphere within a team environment
  3. We're open to all abilities
  4. We're an easy-going club which allows time for members to be involved in other sports
  5. You get to train at Edgbaston with the occasional England cricketer walking around

The club is always looking for new members, so if you want to get involved then just use the contact details above!

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