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    USB Microscope Saves Student £100,000

    A student has saved thousands of pounds by developing his own microscope software; Sci&Tech Editor, Rachel Taylor, tells us more.

    Written by Rachel Taylor on 27th November 2014


    Are Students Naturally Lazy?

    Sci&Tech writer, Ellie Patten, explains circadian rhythm and why our sleep patterns change during adolescence.

    Written by Ellie Patten on 23rd November 2014


    Can We Vaccinate Against Cancer?

    With cancer becoming more prominent amongst the world population, one of our writers Claudia Efstathiou, looks into the possibility of vaccinations for cancer and its associated diseases.

    Written by Redbrick on 23rd November 2014


    Top 5 Tech Launches of 2015

    The comprehensive list of the top 5 newest tech launches to look forward to in 2015!

    Written by Amy Thompson on 23rd November 2014


    Living in 2D

    Online Editor, Emma Houghton, investigates how a man's stereo-blindness was cured by a trip to the cinema.

    Written by Emma Houghton on 22nd November 2014


    The Warship Anne Sails Again!

    A scientific team at the University of Birmingham have completed a breakthrough technology that can bring ancient, burnt and sunken warships back to life for you eyes to see.

    Written by Roshni Patel on 22nd November 2014


    Technology: The Most Common Modern-Day Addiction?

    Results from a survey carried out by E-Cigarette Direct suggest that the top 3 addictions amongst 18-24 year olds are technology-related. (Share your opinion and vote in our poll!)

    Written by Emma Houghton on 18th November 2014


    Terrifying New Cancer Trait Unveiled

    Sci&Tech Editor, Rachel Taylor, describes the new findings relating chromothripsis to cancer and how this new information might affect future cancer treatments.

    Written by Rachel Taylor on 13th November 2014

    TOP 5

    Top 5 Brain Foods

    5 of the best study-friendly foods and the science behind their benefits...

    Written by Emma Houghton on 10th November 2014


    Final Phone Upgrade Imminent

    Smartphone woes? Robert Wescott investigates a possible modular solution.

    Written by Robert Wescott on 9th November 2014


    Creature Feature: The Star-nosed Mole

    The winner of the last poll... the star-nosed mole! Find out what makes this creature worthy of our feature and vote in the next poll!

    Written by Rachel Taylor on 9th November 2014


    Media Industry Wants ‘Reboot’

    What is the future of technology? Will Edmondson describes Jason Silva's latest seminar on the topic.

    Written by Will Edmondson on 9th November 2014
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