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Encouraging Women to Work in STEM

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    Encouraging Women to Work in STEM

    Women going into STEM subjects has become more and more of a focus in today’s society, and many researchers are looking into why so little women choose to pursue science careers. Kara Watson investigates

    Written by Kara Watson on 16th February 2017


    Volunteering With the Police Service as a Medical Student

    Medicine student, Tatiana Zhelezniakova, shares her experience of volunteering with the emergency services and expands on why it is such a valuable experience for any young medic

    Written by Tatiana Zhelezniakova on 9th February 2017


    Mental Health Treatments

    Sci and Tech Editor, Kara Watson, takes a look at two instances of mental health treatments, both of which have had great positive effects

    Written by Kara Watson on 1st February 2017


    So Long Square Eyes – Screens Shown Not to Affect Teen Wellbeing

    New research looking into how teenagers use technology has found that moderate use of computers and other screens isn't harmful for mental wellbeing. Kara Watson reports

    Written by Kara Watson on 25th January 2017


    Cheetah Population Racing to Extinction After Global Crash

    Amid a rapid decline in numbers, the world’s fastest land animal could soon be gone forever according to a recent study. James Pettit investigates

    Written by James Pettit on 23rd January 2017


    Cleverly Designed TB Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice

    New research showing promising results in developing a new vaccine for TB after years of trying to tackle the disease. Mia Iyer reports

    Written by Redbrick on 20th January 2017


    The Science Behind: “Clean” Eating

    The start of a new year calls for more exercise, drinking more water and eating healthily. But is the new fad of “clean” eating really good for you? And is it backed up by science? Ellen Daugherty reports

    Written by Ellen Daugherty on 20th January 2017


    Recreational Drugs Affect Females More

    As the numbers of young people taking MDMA continually rise, new research shows that females may be more at risk than males. James Pettit investigates

    Written by James Pettit on 14th December 2016


    Napping vs. Cramming

    New evidence shows that napping just before an exam is more useful than last-minute revision. Kara Watson reports

    Written by Kara Watson on 12th December 2016


    A Look at oSTEM: Out as LGBT+ in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

    Tatiana Zhelezniakova looks into oSTEM, an exciting initiative created to connect the LGBT and scientific communities

    Written by Tatiana Zhelezniakova on 10th December 2016


    Event Review: Life Sciences in Six

    Joanna Chustecki reviews the slick, smart event that highlighted just some of the University’s most important Life Sciences research on 22nd November

    Written by Redbrick on 7th December 2016


    New Zika Therapy has Potential to Protect Developing Foetus

    A recent breakthrough reveals that there may be a way to protect babies in the womb from the harmful effects of Zika. Mia Iyer reports

    Written by Redbrick on 25th November 2016
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