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How long will you live?

A new website by the Office for National Statistics lets you see how long you can expect to live, based on your gender and the year you were born, and even tells you the chance of making it to over 100.

The Office for National Statistics have recently published a website that claims to calculate how long you will live based on just your gender and age. No, this isn’t one of those silly Facebook shares or internet quizzes: this was created to determine how long each person’s pension will last them in the UK based on census statistics and birth and death records.

the money in the bank needs to stretch further and to more and more people
There are a lot of issues with pensions at the moment, not least to mention that the benefits people in our generation will receive are next to nothing. What’s to blame for this lack of money? Well, it’s most likely the increased life expectancy, meaning that the money in the bank needs to stretch further and to more and more people. For example, I am a 20 year old female, and the calculator on the website expects me to live until I’m 92, with the 10% possibility of reaching 107. These are quite shocking odds; I may well make it into the next century!

Our parents will probably live until their mid-late 80s, so it’s up to our generation to find a way to look after them and to solve all the money crises that are causing a strain on our society (and pensions!). Overall, the number one way to live a long life is to be healthy and active as well as reducing major stresses.

So check out the website; I think you’ll find it quite interesting! But don’t worry, technologies like these aren’t 100% accurate. The only way to know when you’re going to die is to actually live your life out, so stop worrying!

Try the calculator for yourself here:

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17th June 2015 at 3:00 pm

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