Doctors Without Borders: An Inside Perspective

Creature Feature: Lowland Streaked Tenrec

How a Change in Diet Could Help Reduce Global Climate Change

How to Double Your Memory Capacity in One Month

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    Doctors Without Borders: An Inside Perspective

    Tatiana Zhelezniakova interviews Dr Damien Brown who recounts the challenges of medical humanitarianism, working for MSF and returning to First World medicine

    Written by Tatiana Zhelezniakova on 19th April 2017


    Planet Earth II – The Making of a Natural History ‘Blockbuster’ at The Bramall

    On the 29th March a lucky audience found themselves in conversation with Mike Gunton, the executive producer of Planet Earth II, at The Bramall. Redbrick’s Ellen Daugherty reports on the lecture

    Written by Ellen Daugherty on 1st April 2017


    Technology and Modern Theatre

    Olivia Boyce looks into the ever-growing connection between theatre and technology, especially with recent advances showing the true potential of this partnership

    Written by Olivia Boyce on 7th March 2017


    Encouraging Women to Work in STEM

    Women going into STEM subjects has become more and more of a focus in today’s society, and many researchers are looking into why so little women choose to pursue science careers. Kara Watson investigates

    Written by Kara Watson on 16th February 2017


    US Tech Industry Responds to Trump’s Refugee Ban

    Sci & Tech Editor James Pettit takes a look into the effect that Trump’s worrying immigration ban is having over the technology industry

    Written by James Pettit on 10th February 2017


    Mental Health Treatments

    Sci and Tech Editor, Kara Watson, takes a look at two instances of mental health treatments, both of which have had great positive effects

    Written by Kara Watson on 1st February 2017


    The Science Behind: “Clean” Eating

    The start of a new year calls for more exercise, drinking more water and eating healthily. But is the new fad of “clean” eating really good for you? And is it backed up by science? Ellen Daugherty reports

    Written by Ellen Daugherty on 20th January 2017


    A Look at oSTEM: Out as LGBT+ in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

    Tatiana Zhelezniakova looks into oSTEM, an exciting initiative created to connect the LGBT and scientific communities

    Written by Tatiana Zhelezniakova on 10th December 2016


    Event Review: Life Sciences in Six

    Joanna Chustecki reviews the slick, smart event that highlighted just some of the University’s most important Life Sciences research on 22nd November

    Written by Redbrick on 7th December 2016


    Wondering Why Old Joe Was Red?

    On Thursday 1st December, Old Joe lit up red to acknowledge World AIDS day. Rachel Kahn reports

    Written by Rachel Kahn on 7th December 2016


    Carbon Dioxide Concentrations Signal the Dawn of the Anthropocene

    James Pettit investigates how a milestone for atmospheric pollution coincides with the classification of a new geological epoch

    Written by James Pettit on 23rd November 2016


    A Brief Look into Trump’s Scientific Policies 

    Being a notorious climate-change denier, and with many of his scientific views being labelled as a ‘disaster’ and a ‘tragedy’ for the future of research, Trump is set to shake the scientific world. Ellen Daugherty reports

    Written by Ellen Daugherty on 18th November 2016
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