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    Kill The Revival

    Are TV revivals being taken too far? TV critic Morgan Williams argues they might not be all they're cracked up to be

    Written by Redbrick on 2nd February 2017


    Has BBC Three’s Move Online Been a Success?

    Abbie Pease looks at whether BBC Three's move to the digital world has been successful

    Written by Abbie Pease on 8th November 2016


    Review: Trump’s Unlikely Super Fans

    Abbie Pease reviews BBC3's Trump's Unlikely Supporters and examines how the Republican has a chance at the White House

    Written by Abbie Pease on 7th November 2016


    Review: Paxman on Trump v Clinton: Divided America

    TV Critic Morgana Chess reviews Jeremy Paxman's documentary about the 2016 Presidential Election

    Written by Morgana Chess on 6th November 2016


    Little Mix on The X Factor: Shout out to our (S)Ex(ist) views?

    Eleaner Cross looks at viewers sexist comments following Little Mix's performance on The X Factor

    Written by Eleanercross on 5th November 2016


    Bake Off Favourites Not ‘Going with the Dough’

    TV Newcomer Rachael Hopson discusses whether the most recent TV scandal will mean the end of baking as we know it

    Written by Rachael Hopson on 10th October 2016


    Louis Theroux’s Savile: The Belated Truth

    BBC’s Louis Theroux returns to the story of Jimmy Savile, a figure whose name has become synonymous with the hideous crimes he committed from the 1950s to his death in 2011.

    Written by Abbie Pease on 9th October 2016


    Dane Baptiste: Comedy and Sunny D

    Paige Tracey discusses race, careers and fame with comedian Dane Baptiste ahead of the premiere of his new show, Sunny D.

    Written by Paige Tracey on 18th August 2016


    What to Watch This Summer

    The Redbrick TV team look back at some of 2016's highlights and recommends some of the best shows to watch or catch up on over the summer

    Written by Harry Turner, Danyal Hussain, Ella Talbot, James Tyson, Lucie Turner, Matt McCrory, Matt Dawson, Roshni Patel, Shannon Carey & Tamsin Hackett on 16th June 2016


    EastEnders: Saying Goodbye to Peggy Mitchell

    TV Critic James Tyson looks back at Barbara Windsor's final moments as Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders.

    Written by James Tyson on 12th June 2016


    Top 5: Television Series Remakes

    As Top Gear returns to unfavourable reviews, Fraser Smith looks back at 5 of the best TV remakes.

    Written by Fraser Smith on 12th June 2016


    Poppy Drayton Talks The Shannara Chronicles

    The Shannara Chronicles star Poppy Drayton visited MCM London Comic Con to talk to fans about the character she portrays in the series.

    Written by Ellie Patten on 2nd June 2016
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