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Gok Wan: This Is Your Life

Laura Megatli grills the vast career of Gok Wan as he now wades into the world of cookery

Laura Megatli grills the vast career of Gok Wan as he now wades into the world of cookery.

It seems Gok Wan has a hidden talent. And no this is not just his ability to grope women’s boobs without getting a slap, that talent has been apparent from day one. I’m talking about Gok’s new Channel 4 cooking show. COOKING SHOW. Gok Wan, fashion guru and camptastic extraordinaire, has a cooking show. I still don’t think the news has quite sunk in just yet. I will of course be tuning in purely to see what he gropes in replacement of the ample bosomed, tired housewives he seems to surround himself with.

If you think about it, which clearly I have in great detail, Gok is the television equivalent of a fairy god mother. He floats in on his glittery cloud of fashion knowledge and just as swiftly departs leaving a haggard dear looking like Cinderella fit for a ball… or the school run.

We all remember Gok as the man who could change a woman's view of her body in How To Look Good Naked, which was aired all the way back in 2006. The series was then made into a book: How To Look Good Naked: Shop For Your Shape and Look Amazing! His first programme showed the public that Gok is a man who also has a passion for fashion. This allowed him to then turn his hand to styling the nation in Gok's Fashion Fix, which was shown in 2008, where he received help from Alexa Chung. This series lead Gok to release another book called How to Dress: Your Complete Style Guide for Every Occasion. Miss Naked Beauty was the next series he aired alongside Myleene Klass. After this series he turned his hand to documentaries and addressed his own body issues in Too Fat Too Young. This year, before moving to cooking, he helped teenagers with self-confidence in Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth.

Gok’s drastic career change to cooking on Gok Cooks Chinese also had me contemplating what else this talented man could turn his hand at. What other hidden talents are lurking just beneath the surface waiting to pounce on to our telly box!? Who knows perhaps next time we hear about Gok in a new show it could be as a judge on the X Factor, or maybe he’s a super geek and will be joining the cast of The Big Bang Theory. It seems with Gok the possibilities are truly endless. I have my suspicions that Bobbie (from TOWIE) is the spitting image of Gok Wan purely because he is Gok, just with some make-up to throw off the viewers. We’re on to youGok!

Watching Eurovision the other night, I had an epiphany. Are you ready for this? Gok Wan in Johnny’s Baco-foil suit from last year’s X Factor, singing a male version of Barbie Girl (Ken Boy, if you will). He could be the United Kingdom’s answer to Jedward. I’m sure

Gok Wan turns his hand to cooking

Gok’s a secret gold medallist Olympic gymnast and a violinist, so why not combine the two and have Gok perform an intense violin solo mid song while back flipping over a pit of fire or something. Then at the end of the song for the grand finale he runs into the crowd and gropes everyone. With Gok representing our nation I see no way we could lose!

I predict big things for Gok this year first the cooking show then…THE WORLD!


10th July 2012 at 11:34 am