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Working with Weinstein

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    Weinstein: The Inside Story

    TV Critic Morgana Chess looks at Panorama's documentary Weinstein: The Inside Story, as it offers a glimpse into an industry that failed so many women

    Written by Morgana Chess on 23rd March 2018


    Working with Weinstein

    Following a recent Channel 4 documentary, TV's Kimberly Malek explores the abuse that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein inflicted on his employees

    Written by Kimberleymalek on 23rd March 2018


    Is Friends Offensive?

    Since the arrival of the popular 90s/early 2000s sitcom to a new audience via Netflix UK, TV's Niamh Brennan asks if Friends is as innocent as it seems?

    Written by Niamh Brennan on 27th February 2018


    Malcolm in the Middle: The Best TV Family?

    Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard poders if classic US sitcom Malcolm in the Middle is the best example of a TV family. Do you agree? Yes? No? Maybe? Can you repeat the question?

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 10th February 2018


    Dancing on Ice – Why Bring It Back?

    TV writer and figure skater Tasha Burden reflects on ITV's revival of their Sunday evening skating show, Dancing on Ice

    Written by tashaburden on 6th February 2018


    Black Mirror Season 4: A Dark Reflection

    Comment Editor Kat Smith reviews the latest season of Charlie Brooker's much-anticipated dystopian sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror

    Written by Kat Smith on 27th January 2018


    Dan Starkey Interview

    TV Critic Lucy McCann interviewed Dan Starkey at the MCM Birmingham Comic Con, where the Doctor Who actor talked about Strax, Sontarans and special effects

    Written by Lucy on 24th December 2017


    Peter Davison: The Female Doctor Controversy

    Redbrick TV's Lucy McCann got the chance to catch up with Peter Davison and asked the Fifth Doctor about Jodie Whittaker's controversial casting

    Written by Lucy on 19th December 2017


    Pearl of Wisdom

    TV Critics Todd Waugh Ambridge and Lucy McCann report from the MCM Birmingham Comic Con as The Doctor’s latest companion took to the stage to talk about her time with the show and answer fan questions

    Written by Todd Waugh Ambridge & Lucy on 15th December 2017


    David Bradley: Question Time

    TV's Phoebe Christofi caught up with Harry Potter and Game of Thrones actor David Bradley at the 2017 Birmingham MCM Comic Con where he gave a Q&A ahead of his appearance in this year's Doctor Who Christmas special

    Written by Phoebe Christofi on 15th December 2017


    Comic Con with Andrew Lee Potts

    TV Editor Matt Dawson reports on last month's MCM Comic Con as Primeval's Andrew Lee Potts took centre stage in Birmingham

    Written by Matt Dawson on 13th December 2017


    Discovery is the Trekkiest Trek

    TV Critic James Honke argues that Star Trek: Discovery is a dark departure for the sci-fi franchise and reflects our post-modern reality

    Written by James Honke on 13th December 2017
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