Bojack Horseman – Adult Animated Comedy with a Serious Message

Top Three Reggie Yates Documentaries

Liar: A Judgement-Questioning Drama

The Vietnam War – Televised Trauma

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    Liar: A Judgement-Questioning Drama

    Rebecca Garbutt looks at ITV's latest hard hitting drama Liar as it tackles controversial issues

    Written by Rebecca Garbutt on 13th October 2017


    The Vietnam War – Televised Trauma

    After a harrowing and thought-provoking BBC Four documentary, Ida Thagesen gives her perspective on the world's first truly televised war in Vietnam

    Written by idathagesen on 13th October 2017


    A Show Stopping Start for Bake Off

    After a contentious channel move, TV Critic Rebecca Cutler reviews Channel 4's Great British Bake Off

    Written by Rebecca Cutler on 12th October 2017


    Bojack Horseman Season 4 Review: Back and Bojackier Than Ever

    TV Critic Morgan Williams tells us what she thinks of the latest season of the Netflix animated comedy Bojack Horseman

    Written by Morgan Williams on 6th October 2017


    Review: Benedict Cumberbatch in The Child in Time

    In a one off 90 minute drama, TV critic Izzy Detheridge reviews an adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel starring Benedict Cumberbatch

    Written by Izzy Detheridge on 28th September 2017


    Game of Thrones Has Lost Its Edge

    Digital Editor Alex McDonald reviews the disappointing penultimate season of HBO's epic fantasy saga

    Written by Alex McDonald on 11th September 2017


    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Review – Demons, Decoys and Digital Realities

    TV Editor Matt Dawson takes a spoiler-filled look back on the most recent season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Written by Matt Dawson on 2nd August 2017


    Gripes On Girls

    TV Critic Morgan Williams gives us an alternative perspective as to why the critically-acclaimed Girls might not be as good as it seems

    Written by Morgan Williams on 20th July 2017


    How American Gods Became the Best Thing on TV

    With American Gods receiving critical acclaim across the world, Deputy Editor Harry Turner explains what’s so great about the show and why you should be watching it.

    Written by Harry Turner on 23rd June 2017


    Review: Archer Season 8

    Digital Editor Alex McDonald reviews Archer: Dreamland, the latest season of the animated show obsessed with reinventing itself

    Written by Alex McDonald on 12th June 2017


    Review: Hot Girls Wanted – Turned On

    TV critic Melissa Veitch reviews the controversial Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On.

    Written by MelissaVeitch on 31st May 2017


    How Line of Duty lost the plot, and got away with it

    Digital Editor Conrad Duncan reviews BBC1's smash hit Line of Duty, and whether its magnificence is verging on madness

    Written by Conrad Duncan on 7th May 2017
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