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A Lesson in Revenge

Another week rolls round and Revenge returns, this time with a lesson in duplicity

Another week rolls round and Revenge returns, this time with a lesson in duplicity.

Four episodes in, and by now the audience is well aware that Miss Emily Thorne is not what she appears to be. Having already exacted her revenge on three of the people responsible for tearing her life apart, it’s easy to call Emily cold-blooded or even cutthroat. But how did sweet Amanda Clarke become such a devil in disguise? All is revealed, as Emily pulls the thread that will unravel the life of Dr Michelle Banks, the woman who had her institutionalized after her father’s trial.

Elsewhere in this little corner of the Hamptons; Jack is debating whether or not to sell his bar and sail off to Haiti, Declan is planning his own adventure with Charlotte, Daniel’s friend Tyler seems hell bent on getting his drinking buddy back, and Sammy the dog surprises Emily with a thank you gift for helping him find his way home, twice.

This week’s episode borders on heartbreaking, with Emily Alyn Lind (young Amanda Clarke) really upping her game. She portrays a feisty, intelligent, determined little girl, with strength of mind that no adult can break. Her daddy is innocent, and she knows it. With beautifully written dialogue, her performance really plays with the heartstrings. It is great to see such striking new talent on screen.     It was also great to see a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, milling around on the shelves in Dr Banks’ office this week. The casual links to the series’ inspiration is done subtly and adds an intriguing touch for the audience to pick up on.

The relationship between Declan and Charlotte is another something to keep and eye on. Though a little cliché, in an Uptown Girl way, the pair seem destined to become the shows sickeningly sweet couple, high up on puppy love. They provide a refreshing alternate to the darkness looming over Emily’s love life, which the puckish Nolan Ross has decided to make his new toy.  Quite clearly, Nolan is routing for his bought and paid for friend, Mr Jack Porter (a.k.a. Amanda Clarke’s childhood love and the owner of Sammy the dog.) Nolan is loveable, wonderfully nerdy and the kind of friend we all wish we had sometimes, but he has yet to realise he’s playing with fire.

It’s hard to believe we’re only four episodes in to the season, so much has already happened. This summer is soon to be enveloped in the heat, the tension and the drama that only Revenge can cause.


20th June 2012 at 7:21 pm