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Drinking with Chelsea

Laura Megatli discusses her alternative way of watching Made in Chelsea

Laura Megatli discusses her alternative way of watching Made in Chelsea.

Made in Chelsea + alcohol = an interesting night. When I stumbled upon the Made in Chelsea drinking game on Facebook I instantly knew I had struck entertainment gold. With rules such as  ‘one finger for one kiss on the cheek, two fingers for two’ and ‘One finger every time Spencer says ‘mate’ or ‘hun,’ it was easy to tell it was going to be a messy night. As the episode progressed we began to add our own rules such as ‘consume every time there is a shot of Binky’s cleavage’ (which there was plenty) and ‘Drink every time Jamie’s forehead glistens’.

Perhaps the most intoxicating rule was ‘shot when there is an awkward silence’ especially when viewing the cringe inducing scenes showing the Kimberley/Cheska/Binky fiasco. A question that I spent much time pondering was what the hell had Cheska attached to her head and whether Gabriella had tactically dyed her hair every colour of the rainbow in the hopes that she would get more air time (probably). However,  my most pressing and drunken thought was what self-respecting man would ever think that taking his girlfriend on holiday with a collection of people that don’t like her is ever a good idea?! Yet I do wish I had a Richard in my life, all Kimberley had to do was cry in front of him and he whisked her off to Italy just to make her feel better, swoon!

The best and worst aspect of the drinking game is that you suddenly pick up on everyone’s habits i.e. Hugo’s fidgeting and Jamie’s incessant laughter at hilariously unfunny statements; seriously the boy would probably laugh if someone told him he had an incurable disease or his girlfriend had slept with his best friend (sorry is it still too soon?).

The only down side to the drinking game is that towards the end of the episode our civilised party became slightly rowdy which lead to much screaming at the telly and orders to ‘DRINK’ which somewhat inhibited my ability to focus completely on the episode at hand. Meaning I HAD to watch the whole thing again the morning after the night before, whilst nursing my Made in Chelsea induced hangover because sadly I don’t have a Richard to fly me off to Italy when the hangover gets too much. No I get Selly Park and an ice lolly…living the dream.


30th May 2012 at 11:04 pm