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Revenge: Charade

Emma Harding walks us through this week’s episode of Revenge

Emma Harding walks us through this week's episode of Revenge.

Fearless as always, Revenge is back this week to lecture us on the nasty side-effects of keeping up appearances, and what can happen when the cracks begin to show.

The Grayson household has been over run by photographers for a Times article on their 25th anniversary and Victoria is beginning to question whether she was ever really happy with Conrad. While their war rages on, Charlotte has decided to drag Declan to a family dinner, and, thanks to Daniel’s plugging, 'The Stowaway' has become a hotspot for the rich and glamorous. Jack Porter is more used to pouring whiskey than stirring cocktails, but he can’t complain too much. He’s more than thankful for the distraction, after Emily rejected him at the 4th of July party.

A lot happened at that party and Frank Stevens didn’t miss a single detail. The Grayson’s ex-head of security will stop at nothing to find out who the delightful Miss Thorne really is. Like a bloodhound, once he’s caught her scent, he is not about to leave her alone, particularly when Victoria could be in danger. What begins with the discovery of Emily’s criminal record is sure to lead Frank down a very, very dark path.

However, Frank is not Emily’s only problem this week. Tyler is still trying to drive a wedge between her and Daniel and now, thanks to Mr Barrol, Emily has a reporter from The Times pestering her for an interview about what it’s like to be dating Prince Grayson. A calculating queen can only manage so many problems at once, so Emily sends Nolan on his first solo “take down.” Things between Tyler and our favourite genius are about to get heated.

Without giving too much of this weeks episode away, it was good too see issues of sexual identity being handled with a bit more care. Revenge has managed to steer away from the usual method of slapping on a label and letting the character play to this stereotype, instead using the phrase, “ambiguous sexual identity” and creating characters that are neither effeminate nor butch to strengthen their point. It was a little disappointing to have the scene in question cut short, due to its ideologically sensitive content, but ultimately, the show does seem to be heading in the right direction.

Viewers can also look forward to the wonderfully sinister reveal of Tyler’s foggy past; although there’s still a certain feeling, like not all of his cards are on the table yet. There is also plenty of laughs at the expense of poor Declan and plenty of drama to keep Emily juggling, and the rest of us watching and waiting for something to drop.


16th July 2012 at 5:08 pm