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Suspicious Minds in the Hamptons

Read Emma Harding’s latest review of Revenge

Suspicious things going on in the Hamptons this week

Read Emma Harding's latest review of Revenge.

It’s hard to know what will happen next in the Hamptons, but after a long day in the sun it’s great to curl up and cool off with Revenge.

Lydia Davis is trying to escape from the Grayson house, and the stifling care of Victoria. Victoria, for fear of losing everyone- now that both Daniel and Conrad have moved out and Frank is dead- is determined to cling to anyone she can. She’s keeping Lydia locked up and is determined to pay Declan off and keep her Charlotte safe. Meanwhile, the police have found Frank Stevens’ phone in the Grayson’s garden and are beginning to suspect Conrad for his murder. Tyler and Daniel are also becoming exceedingly competitive and are battling it out to win their first big investor. Ashley, poor girl, is about to get a bit of a shock.

Emily is also in for a surprise. “Amanda” has decided to stick around, calling herself “Cara,” which would be fine, but she’s sniffing around Jack and talking about putting down roots. One over-zealous suggestion that Amanda removes herself from the Hampton’s is sure to turn Emily’s old friend into an unpredictable enemy.

On top of that, Nolan has discovered that Tyler is in possession of Lydia’s “Open Arms Dinner” speech; the speech that revealed the Graysons’ deep dark past in money laundering. In order for Emily’s plans to work, she needs to make sure that speech never sees the light of day. Everything seems to be going wrong. Could things be getting too much for Miss Thorne?

There is so much fake smiling going round the Hamptons this week that you could almost mistake it for a 40 minute dental hygiene advert. It has the effect of being both mildly humorous, and making your stomach squirm. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) seemed to have a jaw made of iron this episode. She managed to smile through Lydia’s announcement that she remembered everything, smile whilst Emily played the perfect girlfriend, smile whilst apologizing, smile whilst trying to pay Declan to leave her daughter alone. She even managed to smile as Ashley called her by her first name, and not “Mrs Grayson.” Stowe’s performance was both amusing and painful to watch. There was a sense that, at any moment, the ice queen might just explode and take the whole of the Hamptons with her.

As the summer heats up I can think of nothing better to chill out to than Revenge.


2nd August 2012 at 4:06 pm