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The Big Question

Wedding bells are in the air, but the honeymoon seems a distant mirage in this week’s Revenge

Wedding bells are in the air, but the honeymoon seems a distant mirage in this week’s Revenge.

While Daniel fusses over his proposal arrangements and the perfect ring, Conrad offers to pay for Declan to go to Charlotte’s prestigous prep school, but with Charlotte’s paternity being called into question, will this offer still stand. After Conrad’s lawyer happens upon the tape enclosing David Clarke’s suspicions, Victoria decides it’s time to invite Amanda round for dinner and a DNA test.

True to form no-one suspects the true culprit, Emily Thorne, who is busy planting Mason Treadwell’s stolen tapes tapes in a final effort to get rid of Amanda. But though no-one realises what she’s up to, there are other issues which come back to haunt her. When the collateral damage becomes too great, Nolan forces Emily to take a long hard look at her choices, leaving Emily questioning whether she should be marrying into the Grayson family quite so soon. Maybe it’s time for Miss Thorne to take a step back and rethink how far she’s willing to go in order to avenge her father’s life of horrors.

There are great highlights to talk about this week, including Charlotte’s reaction to Emily and Daniel’s engagement. Not only was Christa Allen’s performance beautiful and heart felt, but her ironic response, “I’ve always wanted a sister,” tantalised the audience. The moment was deliciously intimate and if it weren’t for Emily’s two-faced character, it would be easy to believe that she was really touched by Charlotte, and I for one wanted to see some genuine affection from the devious Miss Thorne.

Victoria’s afternoon tea with Amanda reinforced to the audience the duplicity of the Grayson matriarch, Victoria showed herself to be just as calculating as Emily in her attempts to trip Amanda up. However, what was truly remarkable about this scene was the moment in which Amanda stands up to Victoria, something that not even Emily has dared to do. The direction in which Amanda’s character is being lead is pleasing; while she remains just a little unstable, she seems calmer and more intelligent. She is not just a rabid dog on a leash anymore. Her restraint in this scene showed her to be feisty, but not clueless and surprisingly likeable. Amanda may not be predictable, but she is as straight forward as they come, much to the audiences delight and Miss Thorne’s dread.

Finally, the proposal scene was really well done, perfectly fitting for our blinded Prince Charming. Daniel is not the best with words, but he is romantic and the Revenge team have reflected that well. Needless to say there will be plenty of candles, music and enough small, personal touches to make any girl say, “Yes.”

There is enough love and hate brewing in the Hamptons to cause some serious stormy weather. Best hunker down, stay in doors and keep warm with another episode of Revenge.



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