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The Final Pardy With a D!

Laura Megatli brings you her final blog and season round up of the Made in Chelasea finale cast party

Laura Megatli brings you her final blog and season round up of the Made in Chelasea finale cast party.

The third series of Made in Chelsea has come to an end and with that comes the party of all parties, that’s right people I’m talking about the end of series pardy! The party, as hosted by Rick Edwards, invited us, its lovely viewers, to join in as the cast were faced with some ‘hard hitting’ questions.

After all the drama of the love triangle that was Jalouspe (don’t think that one will catch on anytime soon!) Rick asked Spencer if they were still together. His answer? No. No? What?! I hear you scream. Yes it’s true after all of the tears, mainly on Jamie’s part, Louise and Spencer have come to the understanding that they 'work better as friends’. And the real kicker, Jamie said that he would still date Louise now. In the words of the wise Rick Edwards Chelsea has taught us nothing if not that ‘if a really hot girl is into you, she could steal from your family and sacrifice your cat on a pagan altar. It just doesn’t matter.’ So there you have it girls, if you are deemed lucky enough you can go forth and break a guy’s heart they will still come back for more.

Another couple that were the centre of drama was Richard and Kimberley. While Cheska and Binky have made amends with Richard it seems it was all a bit too much for the couple as Richard confirmed they are no longer seeing each other. Perhaps this is the curse of Chelsea as relationships never seem to last long for the poor cast members.

Poor Ollie had to relive the humiliating lunge…twice. He was then faced with Chris himself (the victim of said lunge). Chris claimed ‘I don’t want to be that guy, but you never called me back’ well if by ‘that guy’ you mean desperate and basically begging in front of the British public, you sir are ‘that guy’. Ollie clearly smelt the desperation in the air as he agreed to another date; apparently the first wasn’t humiliating enough.

The skits around the breaks showed the cast are still able to laugh at themselves, with Spencer’s interpretive dance being one of the highlights of the show. Gianna and Mark Francis tying the note stole the top spot because, let’s face it, we’ve all been silently rooting for them.

Made in Chelsea is famous for its awkward silences so it came as no surprise that the show has aired 25 minutes and 24 seconds of awkward silences since it began last year, with Spencer being responsible for the most awkward silences. Another interesting statistic that emerged from the boys vs. girls game was how 82% of ‘quiet chats’ end in a sour note. Sadly we weren’t privy to the amount of pouts pulled or tonnes of gel used to keep Spencer’s hair in place.

If you’re finding the lack of totes amaze banter in your life too much why not cast an eye over to  for some good old lol times with Jamie, Proudlock and Francis...or go outside in the sunshine, whatevs.


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