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Who will be safe in the Hamptons?

We find the Hamptons in a state of unrest in this weeks Revenge

We find the Hamptons in a state of unrest in this weeks Revenge.

In the aftermath of Lydia’s five storey fall, Emily must choose her next move carefully or risk being discovered by the merciless Graysons. Thanks to Mr Ross, she has some intriguing footage to keep them occupied with. However, by shedding light on the real cause of Lydia’s townhouse topple, Emily is about to gain a very real enemy in Frank Stevens, the Grayson’s ex-head of security, and unlike her previous opponents, Frank has twenty years of experience in neutralizing threats.

Nothing is quite right in the idyllic beach community, with Lydia in a coma, Daniel and his father at war and Tyler replacing him at Grayson Global. Nolan is still at his tricks, encouraging Jack to fight for Emily, and Declan has decided it’s about time he took Charlotte on a real date. Meanwhile, Emily and Daniel have been roped into a double-date with Ashley and Tyler, however, Emily smells a liar and her mask slips for the first time, as she flashes her teeth at Mr Barrol over the dinner table.

Tyler Barrol is becoming a very interesting character. Whilst we all know Emily’s grand scheme is to avenge her father’s ruined life, Tyler remains a mystery. He clearly has an agenda and a deep dark past of his own. Not only is he intelligent and manipulative, but his plans seem to continually clash with Emily’s. Tyler is certainly a thorn in Emily’s side. It will be interesting to learn more about him and to see where the series’ writer’s take the role, particularly, whether or not he’ll be allowed to survive the Hamptons while Emily is on the prowl.

There was also something noticeably more artistic about this week’s episode. The music was well matched to each scene and Jack’s small speech was wonderfully crafted with good imagery. It’s the speech that all girls wish someone would say to them, and perfectly captures Jack’s awkward, kind-hearted nature, while also keeping the dark tone of the series. A beautifully done confession, shadowed with the darkness of the night sky.

The story is deepening and everyone is on top form. Here’s to another quiet night in with Revenge.


5th July 2012 at 10:29 pm