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Back to the Beach!

Nothing’s going right this week in The Hamptons

Nothing’s going right this week in The Hamptons. Fortunately, that’s just the way Emily Thorne likes it.

This week sees Conrad and Victoria commencing battle for the affections of their children. Charlotte has moved in with her father, but her mother is demanding full custody. Ashley is busy organising Daniel’s birthday celebration and Amanda is getting jealous of the amount of time her new man, Jack, is spending with Emily. Who wouldn’t be? After all, the past Amanda is supposed to share with Jack, is actually one he spent with Miss Thorne. But such is the life of a girl using another woman’s identity.

While the rest of the Hamptons squabble over petty disputes, Emily is busy patching things up with Nolan. She finally acknowledges his friendship, and asks him to keep tabs on Tyler, while she recovers the stolen whale cam. Rummaging around in the Grayson’s pool house, Emily stumbles upon more than just Nolan’s fishy spy. A call to Tyler’s psychiatrist uncovers Mr Barrol’s real reason for being in the Hamptons, and a way Emily can rid of him for good. But will help arrive in time to stop Tyler making a bloody mess?

Emily excepting Nolan as a real friend was a sweet little touch to this week’s Revenge, but after witnessing Emily’s refresher course with Mr Takedo, it’s hard not to wonder if Miss Thorne is being entirely sincere with her feelings. We know her character is manipulative, having seen how she manipulated the real Emily Thorne into switching identities, and convinced her that they were such close friends that Fauxmanda was willing to kill for her. With Nolan’s special capabilities, it is not hard to see why Emily might want such a powerful pawn. The opening on the season showed a lot of tension between the two and it will be interesting to see whether Emily is manipulating him for her own gain, and whether that will be what takes them from BFF’s to snarky comments over champagne.

There was also a very cute moment shared between Ashley and Nolan, as they bonded over their poor taste in men. Ashley’s previous dislike of Nolan seems to be slipping as she realises his “creepy” manner is really just a defence. There’s the possibility of Ashley having her very own Cinderella story, nicely twisted with Nolan’s social awkwardness and Ashley’s original repulsion. In the Hamptons, though, nothing is a sure thing.     Victoria’s reaction to meeting “Amanda Clarke” was also a highlight, this episode. Stowe managed to portray a very subtle degree of surprise, as if Amanda was not quite what was expected. She was instantly analysing and unimpressed. Victoria seems to have a sixth sense, refusing to believe Amanda is who she says she is. There’s a real sense of anticipation as we’re left to wait for Victoria’s next move. Will she attempt to make amends, or become hostile as she did with Emily, the real Amanda Clarke?

There are so many possibilities in Revenge, all leading to the infamous beach, as shown in the opening teasing scene from the first episode. It’s going to be a thrilling journey, with so many paths to wander down.


9th August 2012 at 9:50 pm