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Burning Down The House

Things are getting heated in Revenge this week

Things are getting heated in Revenge this week. It’s time for the residents of the Hamptons to draw up their battle lines in the sand.

Victoria and Daniel have joined forces and are plotting against Conrad to take over Grayson Global, unfortunately for them scheming Conrad knows a thing or two about revenge himself. Elsewhere “Amanda” is keeping a tight grip on Jack, as she’s still jealous of his past with Emily. At the same time she’s trying to make him loosen up in her own wild, childlike way. While the adults bicker and pick sides, Charlotte and Declan are trying to workout the logistics of seeing each other while Charlotte’s at prep school. Considering they’re only seventeen, their relationship still remains the most constructive in the Hamptons’ community.

Meanwhile, Emily has her eye on the new celebrity in town, Mason Treadwell; author of David Clarke’s biography. Mason, formally known as Leo, once promised nine-year-old Amanda Clarke that he would help save her father from prison only to end up selling himself to the Grayson’s and in doing so, convinced young Amanda/Emily that her father was a money grabbing murderer. With a little distraction from Nolan, Emily Thorne is about to make sure that Treadwell’s life is left in ashes. In the process, she might just get Fauxmanda into a bit of trouble, and as an added bonus, uncover a shocking new piece of her father’s story.

This episode was full of golden moments. Declan falling asleep under a copy of Milton’s Paradise Lost was adorable, as well as being relatable to most students who have ever studied literature. We can only hope it’s not a clever bit of foreshadowing, and that Declan and Charlotte won’t lose their little patch of paradise in the Hamptons.

Seeing Nolan and Emily as thick as thieves again, perhaps even closer than before, was fantastic. The pair have great energy with each other, good banter and Gabriel Mann deserves another round of applause for Nolan’s wonderful reactions to Emily’s plans.

An additional person in need of a second round of applause is Emily Alyn Lind (young Amanda Clarke) whose performance was as heartbreaking as ever. In fact, her acting, combined with the script and production was so well done, it will make you wonder how Emily can manage to stand in the same room as Mason, and listen to him slander her father’s name further.

This episode is full of great acting, perfect production and ends with the shows biggest revelation yet. Half way through the series, and Revenge still packs a punch filled with drama, glamour and surprises that you’ll never see coming.


17th August 2012 at 3:02 pm