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Review: Taskmaster

TV Critic Max Marks reviews Taskmaster, the obscure yet hilarious game show starring Greg Davies

Taskmaster is a comedy panel game show on Dave and hosted by Greg Davies and Alex Horne which sees five comedians complete a series of weird and wonderful tasks each week in the hope of winning five themed prizes bought in by each of the contestants. The overall series winner will receive a large golden sculpture of Greg Davies face. Some examples of the tasks include high-fiving a 55 year old, impressing the Mayor of Chesham and concealing a pineapple on their person. The tasks are generally accompanied by a time limit and some very ambiguous rules which leaves room for interpretation.

Some examples of tasks include high-fiving a 55 year old, impressing the Mayor of Chesham and concealing a pineapple on their person
The tasks are usually filmed in or around the same house using generic household items which gives the viewer a chance to quickly work out how they would complete the task, before watching how the five comedians handle it themselves. It does give the viewer an interesting insight into how the minds of these people work as some carry out the tasks in incredibly creative ways and others do not. The idea is to complete the tasks whilst sticking to the rules and beating the other contestants, however it largely boils down to impressing Greg the most who, somewhat arbitrarily, hands out points.

It may sound slightly mad and sometimes what you see is slightly mad but I think it is incredibly funny. None of the contestants know how the others have gone about completing the task in hand and so their reactions to seeing them for the first time are genuine, and great fun to watch. The dynamic between the two presenters, Greg Davies and Alex Horne, makes the show and the willingness of Horne to do basically anything he is asked to creates some genuinely funny situations.

The format is unsurprisingly enduring, as each series comprises of 5 new comedians and tasks to be carried out are largely different each time, there is no sense of repetition. Even when the same task is repeated, there is enough difference in everyone’s take that it doesn’t matter. Honestly I believe the fifth series has been the funniest yet and I hope it makes a return.

All 5 series of taskmaster are currently available to watch on UKTV play which is not a great streaming service, the app certainly is slow and clunky, but as a result has very limited advertising so you will not have to put up with four minute waiting times to watch your programmes. It is well worth putting up with the less than adequate streaming service as it is a genuinely good comedy panel show. Failing that I am sure you could find a rerun or ten on Dave. A two-part Christmas Special has been announced featuring the five current champions in a winner’s showdown which I am sure will be a good laugh.


16th November 2017 at 9:00 am

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