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Top Celebrity Movembers

Life&Style writer Sophie Webb gives us the run-down of her top 5 celebrity Movembers from this year

Since it was started in 2004, Movember has raised millions with the aim to raise awareness of men's health issues such as various cancers, mental health, and male suicide. Many celebrities have also jumped on board with big names such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, and Jack Whitehall all giving up shaving for a month in order to support this important cause.

Here are our top five celebrity Movembers:

David Beckham:


Ex-England football player David Beckham is well-known for his extensive charity work, supporting many different causes around the world. He has participated in Movember numerous times, and undeniably completely nails the look every time!

Daniel Craig:


This is quite a different look from the suave and sophisticated clean-shaven 007 we are used to seeing Daniel Craig play. However, although it definitely takes some getting used to, it’s certainly admirable that he chose to make such a bold statement out of his fundraising rather than just opting for the stubble many people do. One thing is for sure, the blue eyes your mum is always gushing about are still as penetrating as ever…

Dylan Hartley:


England rugby team captain Dylan Hartley’s fabulous moustache shows that even ‘tough’, sporty guys can and should get involved with the Movember campaign. His emotional explanation of his decision to partake on his Facebook and Twitter accounts urges everyone to ‘get growing and get talking’.

‘My Movember month is all about raising awareness of men's health issues, including mental health. While growing a moustache is fun (and challenging) there's also a serious side to this great charity. For every moustache grown it prompts a discussion...that discussion leads to awareness…awareness can lead to identification and early identification can lead to help and/or prevention. It's good to talk people, so for the sake of all the sons, brothers, dads and grandads out there - get growing and get talking!’

Tom Hardy:


Tidy was clearly not on Tom Hardy’s mind when he took on the Movember challenge. However, oddly enough, he still looks great even with a huge fluffy beard. He must be one of the few men who can pull off a messy beard and still look good…let’s face it, you’d still fancy him even if he had food stuck in it, wouldn’t you?

Ben Miller:

Comedian, actor, and director Ben Miller recently completed a 100km solo tandem bike ride around the south of England, the route topically being in the shape of a moustache. He did the ride in memory of his grandfather and father, both of whom died from prostate cancer, his father passing away shortly after retiring. He hoped that by doing so he could raise awareness of prostate cancer on behalf of his father and encourage more men to get themselves checked out. Even without the moustache, he would deserve to be on this list. Kudos!


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