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Top Ten Swimwear Brands

Looking for the perfect swimwear to complete your summer look? Delfina Rainoldi tells us which ten swimwear brands you need to know this summer!

It’s that time of year - bikini shopping time! Sometimes it can be the bane of our lives - when we can’t find the right one, or simply the one bikini we do like everyone has. So, here I am, making a top 10 swimwear brand list for all of you to go look at. A secret that I don’t tend to share with many people is that the best swimwear brands come from Australia or the American West Coast. Yes, they may be a tad more expensive than your Topshop or H&M bikinis but they’re around the price range of Victoria’s Secret bikinis - which every girl seems to be obsessing over - and they aren’t even that great…

 1. Triangl

Instagram: triangl

This is quite a famous Australian brand that most people would recognise from the colourful neoprene they use. Their new spring/summer collection is beautiful and very feminine. They have also added a ‘cheekie’ bottom to their collection for girls who prefer to get a better tan on their bottoms.

2. Zulu and Zephyr

Instagram: zuluandzephyr

This is another (very popular) Aussie brand, less known to us in the UK but still beautiful high quality swimwear. The patterns and colours used are very unique and original, so you will definitely not be seeing anyone with the same bikini as you - unless you’re on the Gold Coast I guess…

3. Moana Bikini

Instagram: moana_bikini

These bikinis are quirky and super colourful. If you love patterns and bright colours, then this brand is the one for you; also an Australian brand but it is more known as they have been seen on bloggers like Natasha Oakley and many more.

4. Sommer Swim

Instagram: sommer.swim

Sommer Swim is a very elegant and minimalistic brand that has only recently expanded their colour palette. They’re classic and made from the best Italian fabric. The bottoms are Brazilian style so they show a bit more bum than other brands.

5. Monday Swimwear

Instagram: mondayswimwear

Monday Swimwear was recently created by bikini guru’s and bloggers Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman. Although it is a newly establish brand it is incredibly stylish and cool. They have colourful and classic bikini styles and they have currently added bathing suits to their collection.

6. Rat & Boa

Instagram: ratandboa

Rat and Boa specialise in clothing. However, they have recently expanded into swimwear and it’s not just any swimwear, it’s crochet. The swimwear collection isn’t very large, thus there isn’t much to choose from; regardless, they are incredibly funky and definitely different from the norm.

7. Sahara Ray Swim

Instagram: sahararayswim

This brand was created by Instagram famous Sahara Ray. It is very minimalistic with minimal coverage in order to get the ultimate tan. So if you love itsy-bitsy bikinis, this is the brand to go for!

8. Mgra Swimwear

Instagram: mgra_swimwear

What I love about this brand is that it is environmentally friendly. Their swimwear is made from 78% recycled material and 10% of profits go to Mgra Wildlife and Habitat Conservation. The patterns on this swimwear are all made by artist and founder of the brand Sally Mustang and her partner Mitch.

9. Skye and Staghorn

Instagram: skyeandstaghorn

This swimwear brand is amazing! The patterns, shapes and cuts are clean and unique. It combines block colours with mesh and interesting styles. If you want to stand out on the beach or poolside for having a distinctive bikini, then this is the brand to go for.

10. Sophie Blayden

Instagram: sophieblayden

Like Mgra Swimwear, Sophie Blayden Swim is also sustainably made. The patterns and colours used on their swimwear are incredibly delicate and feminine. They have cool halter neck bikini tops as well as normal style bikinis.


If you are a bikini lover like I am then check out It’s Now Cool or A Bikini A Day on Instagram or online for more swimwear brands.

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