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    Get Off The Beaten Track

    Looking to travel somewhere different? Redbrick Travel writers outline their preferred lesser-visited locations

    Written by Hannah Stevens, Rocco Campanaro, Elizabeth Waind, Daisy Holden, Sara Tryon, Tashaa Naidoo, Pippa Smith & Ally Head on 20th November 2014


    The 5…Things to Inspire the Christmas Spirit (in the UK)

    Hannah Stevens outlines her top five places to go to get into the Christmas spirit

    Written by Hannah Stevens on 20th November 2014


    24 Hours in Oxford

    Pippa Smith tells us her top tips for spending a day in the quintessential English city.

    Written by Pippa Smith on 19th November 2014


    A Native’s Guide to Malaysia

    Nadhirah Syalin provides her guide to travelling in Malaysia

    Written by Nadhirah Koh on 19th November 2014


    The 5…Top Travel Blogs

    Olivia Ball outlines her favourite travel blogs

    Written by Olivia Ball on 19th November 2014


    LGBTQ Travel Advice

    Joe Taylor provides his advice for LGBTQ travellers

    Written by Redbrick on 17th November 2014


    The 5 Tips for Long Haul Flights

    Lydia Hicklin provides her top tips for long flights

    Written by Lydia Hicklin on 2nd November 2014


    Viva Las Vegas!

    Pippa Smith has her preconceptions of Las Vegas challenged

    Written by Pippa Smith on 2nd November 2014


    My South American Adventure

    Tashaa Naidoo describes her experience in South America

    Written by Tashaa Naidoo on 2nd November 2014


    “In Dublin’s Fair City…”

    The capital of the green isle is an unmissable destination, where flights are so cheap and the party atmosphere never ceases

    Written by Redbrick on 14th October 2014


    The 5…Top Travel Guides

    Jessica Flanagan and Sara Tryon review the best resources to help you plan your trip...

    Written by Jessica Flanagan & Sara Tryon on 14th October 2014


    World vs. Food: Irish Beef and Guinness Stew

    Each week, Travel brings you an iconic ish from around the world. Experience the delights of foreign cuisine, without having to dig out your passport...

    Written by Jessica Flanagan & Sara Tryon on 14th October 2014
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