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    How to Pack for Southeast Asia

    Travel writers Kevin Mak and Jack Alexander give their top packing tips for a trip to Southeast Asia

    Written by Kevin Mak & jacklevitt on 14th November 2017


    The Magic (and Mystery) of Mongolia

    Travel writer Kevin Mak dives into the magic and mysteries of Mongolia and explains why it's the perfect destination for an unorthodox escape

    Written by Kevin Mak on 9th November 2017


    An Insight into Cambodia

    Travel writer Ida Thagesen provides a personal insight into her time spent in Cambodia

    Written by idathagesen on 30th October 2017


    My TEFL Experience in China

    Travel writer Laura Mosley writes about the highs and lows of her TEFL experience in China

    Written by Laura Mosley on 7th October 2017


    Cheap Trips: Bali

    Travel writer Mollie Johnson reveals how to do dream destination, Bali, on a budget, without forgoing the ultimate island experience

    Written by molliejohnson on 8th August 2017


    Top 3: Free Things to Do in Singapore

    Travel writer, Alys, suggests activities when exploring Singapore on a budget

    Written by Alys Haswell on 19th March 2017


    A Postcard From: Singapore

    Travel writer, Harriet, writes from the Asian cosmopolitan city of Singapore

    Written by harriet_maisie on 6th March 2017


    Hidden Gem: Yakushima

    Travel writer, Holly, reveals the beauty on Japan's most scenic island

    Written by Holly Carter on 6th March 2017


    A Photo Journal: North Korea

    Travel writer, Charlie Dakin, gives a rare account of the unique opportunity of visiting North Korea

    Written by Redbrick on 21st February 2017


    Thailand on a Budget

    Travel writer, Lily, explains why Thailand is the perfect destination for a holiday if you're a student on a budget

    Written by Redbrick on 28th September 2016


    Top Travel Spots in South-East Asia

    Travel writer Sophie explores the top places to visit on a South-East Asia adventure

    Written by Sophie Braybrook on 26th June 2016


    Top 3: Asian Destinations

    Travel writer Ellen describes her top three Asian destinations

    Written by Ellen Smith on 15th March 2016
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