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Best of Britain | Woolacombe

Travel writer Ella Jane promises that Woolacombe in Devon could rival the likes of Hawaii and Australia for your next destination

It may be the middle of winter, however, it is never too early to start planning your summer getaway. If you are considering a beach vacation, Australia or Hawaii may come to mind, followed by a reminder of the enormous price tag. The high cost of such big dreams usually brings the desired holiday plans to a screeching halt. However, look no further because you can get this exotic getaway locally, at our very own Devonshire coast. The country’s south-west coastline has 450 miles of glorious beach to offer, with Woolacombe topping the list. Facing the Atlantic Ocean and tucked away in the northeastern corner of Devon, Woolacombe is a home-grown gem worth visiting. If you, like me, are from (or live north of) London then getting to Woolacombe can be quite the task, however this writer promises you this unsuspecting location will not disappoint.

There are three miles of golden sand cushioned between Baggy Point to the south and Morte Point to the north. The friendly locals at the surf shack will be more than happy to help you to hire a board for £12/day so you can hit the waves. And yes, the water may be a little chilly (it is all year round sadly enough), but a wetsuit for £10/day will allow you to make Atlantic your playground. If surfing isn’t your vibe you can explore the mesmerising rock pools, walk along the beach or find a tranquil spot to build a sandcastle - just watch out that the high tide does not wash your masterpiece away. Woolacombe Beach has very dramatic tides.

When feeling peckish, Woolcombe has no shortage of food. Fudgies Bakehouse is a local favourite and which has gradually gained popularity with holiday makers. They offer a large range of homemade pastries, sausage rolls, sandwiches, salads, and yes fudge – lots of it, in every flavour imaginable. If you fancy fish and chips, then the Woolacombe Fryer is the place to go. If you are thirsty for a pint (it is always 5 o’clock somewhere in the world right?) then head to Captain Jacks Pub where you will find not only your favourite cold drink but also delicious food which you can enjoy in the pirate-themed beer garden.

There is one more hidden secret in Woolacombe… It is home to Marisco – the longest running nightclub in the United Kingdom and can be popular with hen do’s and school leavers. However having been to Woolacombe for the past three summers, I have yet to see this place particularly busy so don’t go expected a Fab night out.


30th January 2018 at 9:00 am

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