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How To Survive a Solo Trip

Travel writer Alys Haswell gives her top tips on how to survive (and enjoy) a solo trip

Whether you are going on a week-long holiday or backpacking around the world, doing it alone can be a daunting prospect. Here are some tips on how to not only survive a solo trip but enjoy it too.

Be prepared

This seems like an obvious one, but being organised before your trip can really affect your experiences travelling. Having your travel documents to hand (as well as electronic copies), makes any changes or delays to your plans much easier, and pre-downloaded maps can be a life-saver if you find yourself without WIFI. When it comes to packing, think practically. Earplugs will likely be your new best friend, while you may want to leave your hair straighteners at home in exchange for carrying a lighter backpack.

Talk to strangers but always trust your instinct

It is a common saying that everyone you meet knows something that you do not, and travelling is a great opportunity to hear other’s stories and share your own. Strike up a conversation with whoever sits next to you on the bus and introduce yourself as you walk into a hostel room. Generally, other travellers want to mix and you may even make friends along the way. That said, trust your instinct, leave a situation if you feel uncomfortable, and check-in with family or friends at home regularly as your safety is the main priority.

Learn to enjoy your own company

Being in a new place or seeing a famous landmark alone can feel odd without having someone to share it with, but embrace it.  Do not be afraid of sitting at a table for one, it will give you a feeling of independence you never knew possible. If you do feel lonely though, try writing a diary or a blog to remember your travels, or brush up on your photography skills to share with the world online.

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23rd November 2017 at 9:00 am

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