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Top 3: Copenhagen’s Underrated Architecture

Travel writer, Alice, recommends the most impressive architecture there is to see in Copenhagen

Royal Danish Playhouse

While this building stands down beside Copenhagen’s Royal Opera House, it seems unfair that it go without admiration as a piece of well-executed architecture. The building features an ombre transition from a dark black upper section, transparent glass in the centre that catches the sunlight from all angles, to a white block base that hides in shadow of what it holds above. The blue of the glass used in this building seems to aptly bring together what, on a good day, is a beautiful blue sky and an equally moody blue waterfront. This building is definitely one to make the trip to see but don't worry, it’s very hard to miss.

 St Albans Church

 St Albans in Copenhagen is genuinely something special, the light coloured stone of the building has an almost Wes Anderson cartoon feel to it, especially on a summers’ day - the building to stand tall by the waterfront nearby to the Little Mermaid. Built in 1885, the relative youth of the building can still be seen in the pristine condition of its brickwork which can be something refreshing when you’re used to churches that are being held up by scaffolding and donation money. It’s even more clear that this building deserves praise as the underdog when the fact is revealed that it remained open and fully functional throughout German occupation and the Wehrmacht from 1940-45.

 The Standard Restaurant

The last and most underrated building (although there are hundreds more out there) is the Standard Restaurant that perches itself on the waterfront edge near both the other buildings mentioned. This building is highly aesthetically pleasing with its pastel green hue and matte paint effect making it peaceful and calming no matter the weather. The small and simple tower and clock face that protrude from the restaurant base are eye-catching enough that it’s easy to forget the building is a restaurant. This building might be small, but it’s definitely mighty.



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