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Best of Britain | Shaldon, Devon

Travel writer Izzy Detheridge shares her thoughts on Shaldon, Devon as a destination for a British summer holiday

It’s the epitome of British clichés, I groaned when I heard we were going to Devon this year for our summer holiday. Forget the sun and sand of our usual August destination in the Mediterranean, I was condemned to eternal drizzle and zero chance of swimming in the sea.

Despite this, I was glad of the change from a four-hour flight to a couple of hours on the motorway. Furthermore, we felt extremely welcome at our accommodation, Devon Valley Holiday Village. The resort’s indoor swimming pool, games room and entertainment lounge were very impressive, and our chalet itself was the perfect size for four guests, with cosy rooms and excellent washroom and kitchen facilities.

The weather couldn’t have been better during our stay in Shaldon – a real blessing. The cataclysmic nightmare of a holiday I imagined was history. We entered different worlds descending the wooded cliff face to Babbacombe Beach – where we actually managed to swim – and discovering Ness Beach through an ancient smugglers’ tunnel. The gigantic cliffs, smooth red beach and endless sea and sky when we emerged were intense. Shaldon Zoo was a gem - its seclusion upon a cliff allowed tranquillity and time to get the perfect photograph without being mobbed. Teignmouth Grand Pier’s Victorian architecture is as breath-taking as standing a hundred metres out to sea, viewing the magnificent coastal landscape. In Shaldon, I learned the meaning of not judging a book by its cover.

Unsurprisingly, I felt quite guilty for being cynical about my home country after my amazing experiences. My preconceptions of a “British holiday” were completely wrong, and I enjoyed Devon as much as I have enjoyed cruises around the Med. Really, go discover Britain. But take a brolly with you, just in case!

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11th October 2017 at 11:00 am

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