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    A Prospective Year Abroad

    A year abroad for many is part of the ultimate university experience

    Written by Hope Brotherton on 23rd March 2014


    Travelling to University Cities

    Which is your favourite university city? We take you through some of our writers' top choices

    Written by Redbrick on 23rd March 2014


    Taiji’s Brutal Dolphin Drives

    Passionate activist Anna Hughes discusses why an end must be put to the cruel dolphin and whale hunts happening in Japan...

    Written by Anna Hughes on 10th March 2014


    Public Transport vs. Road Trip

    Public Transport: Jessica Flanagan No matter how remote and unpopulated the location, it is very hard, in today’s day and age, to travel somewhere that cannot boast an attemp...

    Written by saratryon1 on 10th March 2014


    Brum Students Abroad: Russia, Moscow

    This week we hear fro Grace Burges in the undervisited and unfamiliar Russian city of Moscow...

    Written by Redbrick on 9th March 2014


    The 5…Best Hostel Chains in Europe


    Written by Hope Brotherton on 9th March 2014


    The 5…Festivals Abroad

    Coachella, California (11-13 and 18-20 April) Arguably the USA’s most famous festival, Outkast, Muse and Arcade Fire will appear in the desert setting this year

    Written by Redbrick on 9th March 2014


    Nightmare in Naples

    Hope Brotherton describes her nightmare experience in Naples.

    Written by Hope Brotherton on 28th February 2014


    The 5…best places to go on holiday, just for the food!

    Hannah Stevens gives you the top places to go in Europe, all for the tasty food.

    Written by Hannah Stevens on 19th February 2014


    Nepal: The Public Transport Experience

    Elizabeth Waind explores the public transport of Nepal.

    Written by Elizabeth Waind on 17th February 2014


    Wildlife Around the World

    Our travel writers explore the world and give you some insight into some of the best wildlife around the globe.

    Written by Hannah Stevens, Elizabeth Waind, Laurence Picton & Tamara Silver on 14th February 2014


    The 5…must-see hidden gems around Aquitaine

    A flight to Bergerac from London costs around £20 one way so here is a list of the 5 must-see hidden gems situated around Aquitaine: 1

    Written by Redbrick on 7th February 2014
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