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UOB Zeus secure their place in King of The North with Ease

UoB Zeus returns to defend their title, as they qualify for the King of the North Overwatch tournament live in Manchester

King of the North 2017 Overwatch champions, UOB Zeus, have a lot to prove as they return to defend their title. Featuring a new roster equal to that of the last year, or even the last NUEL season, the team proved that they were a force to be reckoned with, no matter the substitutions in their tank positions. The team is comprised of Birmingham’s finest players: Chris "Swig" Carpenter and Iris "Tea" Ho on support, Ed "Faz" Farrow and Rob "SubSoldier" Christie on tank, and George “Kirkmania” Kirkman and Lewis "Sewon" Deakin-Davis on DPS.

Zeus Vs No Merci

Kicking off the morning with a resounding 2-0 win against the University of Manchester’s No Merci, Zeus showed them no mercy on Dorado and Kings Row, a UoB favourite. On Dorado, Kirkmania’s early pick on Manchester gave Zeus the opening to ride the payload home, with only a slight stall near the end whittling down their time bank. However, Zeus never actually needed their time bank as they executed one of their signature shutdowns in the first choke of point of Dorado, killing any attempts by No Merci to progress further. Continuing their winning streak into Kings Row, they defended against a quad tank charge, before decimating it on their own attack run, as they continually forced No Merci to surrender ground, before a well timed Reaper death blossom cleared them away to win them the map and the match.


Zeus Vs Keele Kings

Progressing on, Birmingham took on Keele University's Keele Kings as they attempted to dislodge the defending champions. Surprising Zeus initially on Eichenwalde, the Kings were able to push Zeus back, despite Subsoldier’s great Roadhog hooks and Sewon’s Soldier 76 play. However, Zeus snapped out of their haze near the end, and forced Keele back a mere 4m from the capture, wasting time and forcing resets to eventually end Keele’s attack run. As the roles reversed, Zeus also pushed the Kings back, only resetting once, before capturing the point they denied Keele. In vengeance, Keele aided in the selection of Junkertown, a map that Zeus had never practiced before as a team. Forced into attacking first, Zeus decide to attempt a pirate ship offence, setting Bastion onto the payload with a shield from Orisa. But, the Keele King’s practice shined through as their DPS, Jäger, caused trouble with his Widowmaker play, pushing Zeus back and often killing Sewon, his opposing Widowmaker. While Zeus did capture the objective in the nick of time, they showed all their flaws to their opponents, who capitalised upon them on their attack run, with the Kings also running a Bastion and then proceeding to steamroll Zeus out of the way, regardless of Faz’s attempts to dislodge Jäger, their deadly Widowmaker. As both teams captured all 3 points, the map went to additional time bank rounds, where only through a strong defence and a well placed Zenyatta transcendence did Zeus clinch the map, win the match and secure themselves a place in the live semi finals.

Zeus Vs Rogue Swan

Their place in the live semi finals in Manchester already secured, UOB Zeus played on for standing and bragging rights, as they finished the afternoon with a challenging best of 5 match against Swansea University’s Rogue Swan, who had also already secured their finals place. Starting off strong, Zeus took the first control map, Nepal, with relative ease, as they dominated the first point and sneakily took the second, after the Rogue Swan’s aggressive defence left them wide open to attack from winged heroes. Enraged by their first map loss, the Swan’s viciously took control map 2, Illios, as they immediately took each point, shutting down Kirkmania’s Pharah and meeting any resistance attempts with enough ultimates to eliminate any threat. Unsurprisingly, both the Lighthouse and Well sections were taken with a score of 100% to 0%, as no amount of hero swaps from Zeus could penetrate the Rogue Swan’s defence.

However, map 3 saw Zeus’ favour returned, as they pushed the payload on Dorado without any need to reset, even as Rogue Swan’s D.Va, SirTimothy, continued to push back their defence with well placed self destructs, that often killed 3. Finishing their attack run with a mere 14 seconds more in the time bank than Rogue Swan, Zeus chose to stall out in round 3, forcing Rogue Swan to waste time, just barely pushing the cart passed point 1 for their efforts. As a result, Zeus were easily pushing their way to the win condition, as they took point 1 without breaking a sweat, and had over 2 minutes to push the cart a few meters to where they ended the Swan’s last run. Going to Eichenwalde for map 4 with a score of 2-1, Zeus pulled off another great performance as they finished their attack round with ease, defending against the Rogue Swan within the castle, to waste their opponent’s time bank to a mere 7s. With only a minute on the clock for round 3, Rogue Swan desperately tried to make progress on the point, but were pushed straight back to spawn and cleaned off the point by Kirkmania’s Pharah. Returning onto the attack for round 4, Birmingham once again had another easy win, as with 2:53 on the clock, there was more than enough time for multiple attempts to capture one tick upon the point, which was just as well, as the Swans managed to halt their first attempt, before falling to their second.


Logging off on a high, UOB Zeus now looks forward to their stage finals in Manchester on the 18th March, where they hope to defend their title and come home Kings of the North once again.

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7th March 2018 at 9:00 am

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