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UOB’s Coldhands A Win Away From The ESL Hearthstone Finals

UOB's own Hugo Kay plays to win, for a chance to advance to the live Hearthstone finals

UOB esports teeters on the cusp of qualification in the Electronic Sports League’s Autumn Premiership, as one of their 2 Hearthstone players, Hugo Kay, aka Coldhands, ranks just within the top 8 after another rousing match, against the very player who almost saw him out of the qualifiers initially.

Ready for a tough match against Lemon, whom he had previously lost 3-0 to, Kay brought his A-game to game one of the 4 series match, playing his shaman against Lemon’s druid. While he stacked the cards against Lemon, creating a powerful board, it was not to be, with Lemon clearing the board with cards to spare, forcing Kay to concede.

Determined to counter his loss with a win, Kay played his warlock against his opponent's priest, and quickly swept the board with some sharp moves, winning swiftly to level the series score to one all. Using his win to turn the tide of the series, Kay played his shaman against Lemon’s paladin, using all of his cards to get strong lead, which depleted both their hands at the same time, resulting in a stalemate. Relying on the best card from the tops of the deck, they entered sudden death, but with a stronger deck, Kay was able to take the 3rd game of the series, despite a few poor draws.

With one game remaining and victory in sight, Kay was not going release the pressure, playing his priest against Lemon’s paladin. Hampered by a slower deck, the match drew out, as Kay struggled to clear Lemon’s multiple boards, but with 2 good consecutive draw, the match was over 3 turns later.

Finishing the series with a score of 3-1, Kay now resides at 2 wins, 1 loss on the leader board. With 2 matches left before the finals, Kay only needs one more win to secure his place in the live finals in the ESL Arena, Leicester, where the pressure will be on, as he’ll be taking on the best players UK & Ireland have to offer.

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14th November 2017 at 9:00 am

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