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Why You Should Watch People Just Do Nothing

TV Commentator Abbie Pease reviews BBC Three's People Just Do Nothing and gives her five best moments

My dad has always had an impeccable taste in television, but when introducing me to People Just Do Nothing he really outdid himself. Recently finishing series three, I felt obliged to write about my love for the mockumentary, a sitcom with the potential to be as iconic as the likes of the Peep Show and The IT Crowd. Through relying, as much British comedy does, on the absurdity that surrounds everyday life, People Just Do Nothing is both simplistic and hysterical. Based in Brentford, West London, it follows the lives of MC Grindah and his crew who run Kurupt FM, “an urban powerhouse/ radio station/ family unit” dedicated to garage music.

MC Grindah (Allan Mustafa), the appallingly arrogant head of Kurrupt FM, fills much of the shows air time, often in the company of his downtrodden side-kick DJ Beats (Hugo Chegwin). Along with the duo is drug addled DJ Steves (Steve Stamp), whose dopey persona - fuelled by his MDMA usage - is reminiscent of a modern-day homeless Shaggy. The ‘wag’ of Kurupt FM is Miche (Lily Brazier), Grindah’s partner and mother to his supposed daughter Angel. Miche is embarrassingly unaware of the scale of Kurupt FM, offering her undying support to the unpopular pirate radio station. Finally, a fan favourite is the delusional entrepreneur Chabuddy G (Asim Chaudhry), Brentford’s answer to Richard Branson.

Beginning as a comedy on YouTube, People Just Do Nothing is now available on iPlayer and Netflix, meaning there is no excuse not to watch it. In an attempt to persuade you of the show's brilliance, I encourage you to watch the clips below.

People Just Do Nothing’s 5 best YouTube clips:

People Just Do Nothing | Grindah and Beats On Their Inspiration

Ahead of the release of People Just Do Nothing series three, the boys from Kurupt FM talk about what inspires them and their lyrics. WARNING: This video contains spoilers.

People Just Do Nothing | Beats And Roche go to their first NCT Class.

Ever wondered what baby girls like? According to Beats they love strawberries and botox. With a baby on the way, you can see why Roche was keen to take him along.

People Just Do Nothing | Welcome To Chabuddy G's Champagne steam bar.

Chabuddy G has given The Champagne Steam Rooms a makeover to fit in with the hip new trends taking over London's nightlife.

People Just Do Nothing | Herbal Secrets

Programme website: http://bbc.in/1gcOwpk

Has Kurupt FM ever grown weed? Their lips are sealed.

People Just Do Nothing | Steves On Aliens

You think of him as an outstanding DJ but did you know he's also been abducted by aliens? Refusing to be silenced, he reveals his extra terrestrial experience.

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14th November 2016 at 4:01 pm

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