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World Nutella Day

Food's Sophie Webb reports on the global phenomenon that is World Nutella Day

Yesterday was World Nutella Day! I know we all love chocolate, and by extension, Nutella. The spread that fulfilled so many chocolate-lovers dreams. Spreadable, bakeable, and even spoonable (if you’re feeling like indulging), Nutella really is the ultimate cupboard essential for every chocolate lover.

In 2007, American blogger Sara Rosso decided to take her love for the spread a step further. On the 5th February she founded World Nutella Day.

It has since become a global phenomenon, with Nutella fans all over the world coming together both in person and via social media to celebrate.

Since the day was transferred to Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, in 2015, there has even been a yearly search for a chief Nutella ambassador to lead the celebrations. Sounds like a dream job doesn’t it? It’s such a big deal, there is even an official guide which tells you how to celebrate!

To get you in the spirit, we have compiled some delicious Nutella recipe ideas for you to try online. All of these recipes can easily be found online and they are all super quick and easy. You really have no excuse! And anyway, who needs an excuse to have a Nutella feast?! Not us!


Nutella Donuts – embrace your inner Homer Simpson…

Nutella Chocolate pots – ok, admittedly this is not much different to eating it straight out of the jar, but they look great and are super quick and easy to make!

Nutella cheesecake – two of the best things combined into one dessert…what’s not to love?!

Nutella cookies – these really will be the best cookies you have ever eaten…they are the perfect guilty treat!

Nutella pancakes – they’re not just for Pancake Day! You can always add some fruit to make them seem a little healthier… (Strawberries and Nutella on pancakes are a match made in heaven!)


So why not get in the spirit and give one of these a try? After all, it will make you look a little bit more sophisticated than eating it out of the jar with a spoon…


6th February 2017 at 2:21 pm