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Zeus Strike Cambridge to Win Winter Championships 2017

UOB Zeus takes on Cambridge University NUEL Team in the Overwatch Winter Championship finals, beating the top team 3-0, reports Gaming Editor Roshni Patel

Coming in on the high after winning King Of The North, UOB Zeus was ready to take another Overwatch title before the year was through, bringing their A+ game to thrash opponents Cambridge University NUEL Team.

Launching into game 1 on the Dorado map, Cambridge were on the payload first, sailing through the checkpoints with ease. But with a clever use of ultimates, Zeus really began to push back, causing Cambridge to go into overtime, only letting them capture the payload after a complete team wipe. Going into round 2 with Zeus on the payload, we saw a much slicker transition through the streets with some well timed ultimates from both teams, collecting successive kills. But through their smart ultimate economy, Birmingham pushed the payload home 48 seconds still on the clock. With both teams drawn 3 all, the teams moved into tie breaker rounds. Given only 1 minute, Cambridge moved off the mark as fast as possible, but Birmingham shut them down in a well known choke point. After cutting Cambridge down early, Zeus didn’t have far to go, and with 1:48 to play with, they effortlessly captured their checkpoint to take the first game.

Dorado, Zeus

Game 2 was on the Eichenwalde map, where the teams swapped over, with Birmingham on the offensive, capturing the payload with ease and escorting it home with 1:40 remaining on the clock. However, in round 2 Cambridge had no such success, as Zeus pushed them into overtime repeatedly, and even stopped them capturing the final checkpoint in overtime causing Birmingham to take game 2.


Game 3 saw the teams take on the unique challenges of the Route 66 map, as they went into the match point game, where birmingham had the opportunity to close out the match 3-0. But here Birmingham slipped for the first time, letting Cambridge succeed in a team kill and allowing them to gain ground on their way to the objective with 1:31 left over. In round 2, Zeus kept to the skies, while Cambridge too kept to their tried and tested formula, allowing Zeus to push through with ease, 2:33 on the clock. Caught in another tie, Cambridge fought to get as far as possible, but by then the competition was over for them.

zeus, route 66, Cambridge

Whopping Cambridge by a spectacular 3-0, UOB Zeus take the Overwatch Winter Championship by storm, proving it was no accident that they were crowned Kings of the North.

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