From X-Men to Ex-plorers, Kyle Moffat takes us through five games (of the videoed variety) that have a meaningful place in his personal canon.

Third year BA English and Film student and Gaming Editor.

X-Men Legends

X-Men Legends has had significance in my life. It introduced the world of superheroes to me alongside the original X-Men and Spider-Man films.

You can play by yourself or with a couple of friends as you choose a team of four X-Men to venture through levels with. This is where I gained a lot of love for characters such as Wolverine, Storm and Iceman. Their powers are so fun to use, especially in combination with each-other. Mixing and matching your team is a hugely fun aspect. It is genuinely some of the most enjoyment I have ever got from a video game.

Aside from gameplay, there are other interesting features. Collectables allow you to investigate the history of the superhero team. Add to this an array of costumes, an intriguing story and the Danger Room where you can practice different scenarios with different teams. Even now I go back to the title to experience these features all over again and it is still enjoyable!

X-Men Legends

The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Creating a Simpsons game with Grand Theft Auto elements should not work, but it does! I have enjoyed this for countless hours thanks to the three maps, five characters and plethora of often wacky vehicles.

As you would imagine, Simpsons: Hit and Run is wacky much like the show. Many missions have odd goals – such as collecting 30 escapee monkeys for Dr Nick – to keep them intriguing. Within these missions can be a surprising level of difficulty, which is very welcome when going to back to the game. Additionally, three races – and one wager race – are available in each of the seven levels to provide more content. Races are certainly just as hard, requiring my maximum concentration.

Collectables and gags from the show are scattered to encourage exploration, which is very welcome. Despite being unfinished, a lot of engaging content is on offer here!

The Simpsons Hit-and-Run

Spider-Man (PS4)

Web-Swinging has never been so fun! New York here is vibrant and packed with things to do. Beating up thugs, picking up the collectables and venturing through the carefully crafted story are all super fun. Add to this the in-depth combat adding a fun factor and you have a fantastic game. So many gadgets, abilities and costumes are on offer to enhance the experience tenfold.

What I enjoy the most is how different this is from the MCU. Other games such as Ultimate Alliance 3 and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite have taken too much influence whereas this is a separate entity. Insomniac further this by making their iterations of Spider-Man characters so different. The likes of Doctor Octopus and Mary Jane take a different role as opposed to the 2000’s Spider-Man films whilst taking a much darker tone. For me, this is one of the best games on the PlayStation 4.

Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Mystery Dungeon games offer something so unique to the Pokemon world. Being able to control one of your favourites are set off on a journey feels wonderful. Creating friendships with other Pokemon and saving the Pokemon world are some of the many charms on offer.

Explorers of Sky is the most complete Pokemon Mystery Dungeon has ever been. I love the story because it has a surprisingly dark tone at times. Seeing the bonds that you create is truly touching, especially since there is no voice acting.

As for gameplay, I love the level of strategy required. Taking the right team members and items is crucial to your success. So many vibrant dungeons are on offer with different types of Pokemon as well. Additionally, there is a very welcome challenge which allows for replayablilty after completing the story. This truly is one of the best spin off Pokemon games ever.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer's of Sky


In terms of an online experience with my mates, Grand Theft Auto V is second to none. I have spent hundreds of hours racing, completing heists, and making my own fun in free mode. Thanks to the countless updates Rockstar have offered, I often find myself coming back to the world of Los Santos.

While issues such as loading times continue, it has not put me off returning to the online scene. Constant updates have introduced new vehicles and game-modes, keeping the online experience fresh. Furthermore, custom maps are amazing. Playing other people’s races are rage-inducing but in a funny way.

Story mode also offers plenty to my experience of GTA V. Most missions are well structured and offer insights into the three playable characters. While grounded at times, the story often takes wacky turns that add a level of humour. Also, playing as Trevor is just brilliant.

Grand Theft Auto 5

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