Comment writer Saskia Hirst takes a satirical look at Trump’s response to chaos in the Capitol, contrasting it with his response to BLM protests as it appears 2021 is already giving 2020 a run for its money

Written by Saskia Hirst
2nd year English Lit <3
Images by Gage Skidmore

After long awaited anticipation from no one— absolutely no one— it was a Wednesday afternoon in Washington DC that chimed the wedding bells for the star-crossed lovers: America and Democracy. Finally, the two had declared their undying love for each other in a battle for Trump. I quite frankly don’t see the appeal in this Trump guy, but nonetheless, that’s not the point. 

To me, it seems the Capitol is a dynasty built on selective safety for one race over another. Looking out from the seat of power, the Capitol wonders if Americans will take a seat in this government, or expose its oppressive foundations. Indeed, the racism what underlined events in the Capitol is echoed in Ibram X. Kendi’s blatantly true words: ‘If these people were black… well, we all know what would be happening right now to them.’ It is an understatement to call this a ghostly scene — will America ever free black people from the shackles of a racist society? History haunts those who never learn – but white privilege means it is not the unintelligent that pay the price. I believe it is long overdue that we send these white supremacists back to school. Chop-chop. Time’s ticking.

The police were more prepared for Black Lives Matter— a protest, and a peaceful one at that – but when white supremacy storms its way through the Capitol, it is institutional racism that dictates this stark contrast in reaction. When the Vice President— a black woman— is in danger, after Raphael Warnock becomes the first black Georgian senator, the national guard are so kind enough to occupy themselves with some other responsibilities other than a terrorist attack. Apparently they’ve had enough protests in the past year, so they can let a terror attack slide— but just this once, they promise. I have no doubt they’ll look it at, but only in the way one looks at their dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Please, American police— I plead, do get a grip. Be so chivalrous as to protect democracy— what little you have left of her, anyway. Stop demonising the Black Lives Matter protest whilst you’re at it. 

Be so chivalrous as to protect democracy— what little you have left of her, anyway

Straight from the horse’s mouth in a tweet from July, Trump declares: ‘Anarchists, Agitators or Protestors who vandalize or damage […] any Federal Building […] will be Prosecuted […]. MINIMUM TEN YEARS IN PRISON.’ It appears Trump’s only linguistic specialty is saving a heartfelt place in his verbal diarrhoea for statements that age spectacularly well. What a joy. I wonder how he does it! But even Twitter has had enough of his palavers and finally locked Trump out of his account. Thank God. But to our great dismay, this was a very short-lived 12 hours. That is until Twitter permanently suspended him. Hooray! It seems it’s been a long four years for everyone – even an app.

 Unsurprisingly, Trump neglects to mention the common fact that a black person would receive a sentence at least twice as long merely for witnessing such displays. Our society is the stuff of nightmares, so Trump sleeps with a blindfold on to the catastrophic detriment of black people. Frankly, Trump likes to think of it as a game of piñata—and the police pass the baton, willy-nilly, over to him. It’s disgusting. This racist relay really must stop. Aren’t the white supremacists tired? Black people certainly are.

Our society is the stuff of nightmares, so Trump sleeps with a blindfold

 His address to the terrorists is, quite rightfully, perplexing to everyone – except him. Finally taking off his rose-tinted glasses, he surrenders to the very same constitution he’s still sworn to. Quite honestly, I’m surprised he got the glasses off. They’ve been taped to his face for 4 years: ‘Go home…’ he tells the terrorists. Mmh. Promising. ‘You are very special. We love you. Ah. It is a pivotal moment— and Trump has certainly pivoted: turns out Trump is, after all, capable of love. What a surprise it is to absolutely no one only that it is merely for those who do his dirty work. But don’t be fooled, Trump’s temper tantrums certainly possess power – he’s even bent over backwards to simulate a real-life Hunger Games in the Capitol. All from the safety of his personal Twitter account. 

 This, no doubt, is a stark contrast to the Black Lives Matter ‘thugs.’ Though this should hardly come as a surprise— the man can’t even sacrifice condemning white supremacists in a presidential debate. He’s a man who neglects his own ambition for his oh-so-precious presidency to save the white supremacists. How selfless of him. He shines a light in these dark, misty times to show a glimpse of compassion— unlucky for the rest of us, it’s in the complete wrong direction. It’s the blind leading the blind, but watch your step – it doesn’t look like we’re running away from history any time soon. It’s right in front of us.

He shines a light in these dark, misty times to show a glimpse of compassion— unlucky for the rest of us, it’s in the complete wrong direction

I can almost picture Trump’s wrinkled face, scrunched up, like a defeated child with its arms crossed. But I suppose that is the epitome of the Trump archetype after all: ‘I am not a loser. These people are wrong,’ I imagine it whines— or screams. To his great surprise, this stunt impresses no one. I can almost see his inner child screaming ‘This is undemocratic. If this is to be wrongfully extradited from my rightful place as President, I will wreak hell lose on this country. Watch me. You’re all losers.’ Alas, warn out from his very own hissy fit – after four years— it’s over. He takes a seat on the naughty step; he still insists he loves the terrorists. Oh, boo-hoo. I’m afraid it’s a bit too much too late for you, Trump. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill and it’s a sight for sore eyes. Head to your room now. That’s a good boy. 

 It would seem 2021 gives 2020 a run for its money, and the coin’s been flipped on its head. Of that I have no doubt: what seeds Trump planted in 2020 grows in disillusionment at the expense of us all – but crucially in particular, black lives. The question remains: will Trump ever learn? I doubt it. It’s a classic case of star-crossed lovers for Trump and Democracy. I wonder which one will die first. My bet is on Trump, but nothing is certain. We’ve given the man lots of food for very little thought— and he’s sure to make us eat at his racist dinner table. But get your pitchforks and knives ready, it looks like 2021 is in for a ride and I predict a riot. 

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