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An Ode to the Naked Palette: Iconic Beauty Products

August 2018 brought with it an announcement that would break the hearts of makeup addicts across the globe – Urban Decay would be discontinuing the original Naked Palette. A revolutionary product in the world of makeup, ‘Naked’ has been re-created by countless beauty companies over the years, and its popularity has meant that its discontinuation has caught everyone off guard. In honour of the product, we have been inspired to discuss some other iconic consecutives:

  1. Real Techniques Flawless Base Brush Set - £19.99

For many, myself included, Real Techniques were the first good-quality brush set we bought, to the point where I still use brushes mostly under this brand name today. I’ve chosen this set to feature mostly for the sake of the Buffing Brush, a classic and a favourite for its large surface area and super soft bristles. As well as having a simple and slender design, Real Techniques are one of the few who have managed to make a successful, high-quality make-up application product at a price that isn’t extortionate; for example with this set, it works out as just £5 per brush.

  1. Benefit Hoola Bronzer - £25.00

There isn’t a single make-up junkie out there who hasn’t at least heard of Benefit’s ‘Hoola’. The bronzer is a cult classic product by a cult classic brand, and one that’s been worshipped for its ability to somehow work on every skin tone and last forever before running out. If the powder form isn’t for you, Hoola also comes in a bottle under the title ‘Dew the Hoola’, as well as the 'Quickie Contour' stick. Hoola is also a four time award winning bronzer that seems to surely deserve every ounce of attention it gets.

  1. Maybelline’s BabyLips Lip Balm - £3.99

This one’s a classic – try to tell me that BabyLips isn’t a great throwback. This is the lip balm with a colour tint that claims to have up to 8 hours of moisturization, and even has SPF 20 to keep your lips super safe as well as soft. If BabyLips is a fond memory in your mind that you haven’t accessed for a while, then hey, why not get out there and invite back that plumping lip balm we all used to love?

  1. Urban Decay Setting Spray - £24.00

This is where we fall into serious territory. Urban Decay’s All Nighter is a product that I know my make-up collection doesn’t feel complete without. It gives your make-up a beautiful glowy finish with just a couple of sprays, and 78% of a 50 person study stated that with All Nighter, their full face of make-up lasted for 16+ hours. Better yet, UD often have an offer on where you can buy a full-sized duo of the spray for only £36!

  1. The Original Beauty Blender – (Varying Prices)

As arguably the most iconic beauty product, right up there with our beloved Naked Palette, the beauty blender totally revolutionized the way that base make-up is applied. The shape allows for streak-free application and the material creates a super smooth finish, especially so if used wet – which also means that less product gets absorbed by the sponge. A smooth-finish foundation base is simply easier to achieve through a beauty blender than a foundation brush, and with a full five stars on Beauty Bay (that’s with 278 reviews), why wouldn’t you?

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15th January 2019 at 7:00 am

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