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ASOS Launch Unisex Clothing Brand Collusion

Life and Style Writer India Alldred celebrates ASOS's new affordable fashion line Collusion, including unisex pieces created by millennials for millennials

Rise of unisex fashion has led to ASOS releasing a new line called 'Collusion' which features unisex clothes and all the images include a man and a woman in the same outfit. The new line is aimed specifically at 16-20 year-olds, and is deemed built for a new generation united in their pursuit for inclusivity and representation. And pursue inclusivity they do, with the images for each item featuring a male and female model.

The group of collaborators consists of students, stylists, YouTubers, authors and activists
The six founding members are all examples of the exact demographic they are aiming the range at, a group of innovative, fashion forward individuals. The group of collaborators consists of students, stylists, YouTubers, authors and activists. Each creator contributes a different element, voice and audience and the diversity within the group is reflected in the brand. Knowing the line is created by young people is comforting, and there is a sense of security in knowing that the brand youre wearing was created by people who truly care about the message they're sending out.

 Paired with the clothing line is a short YouTube campaign, a six minute video depicting 100 people who turned 18 this year. The film, directed by Dan Emmerson through production company Somesuch, captures the teens in their hometowns of London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Brighton. It focuses on a select fews stories, posing the question "What do you wish for in the year you come of age?. Their answers touched upon the trials and tribulations of growing up in this generation and why that is both easier and harder than growing up, say 50 years ago.

 As for the clothing line itself, it features a wide range of on trend works and statement pieces like unisex t-shirts and accessories. It cannot be stressed enough how well these creators know their audience, and it shows that the range is designed by those who will wear it. This is reflected not only in the fashion-forward, straight off the runway style, but also in price. T-shirts start at £5, and patterned smock dresses are priced around £20, making this a good quality, bargain range.

Allowing for a normalisation of people of different social, ethnic and sexual identities to the majority

The social implications of this new line are huge. Young people having a key role in creating and marketing a collection for a brand as established as ASOS is a huge step forward in the older generations taking young people more seriously in terms of entrepreneurs and abolishing the idea of millennials and Gen Z being lazy. Not only this, but it shines light on a diverse range of people,  allowing for a normalisation of people of different social, ethnic and sexual identities to the majority. The collaborators are able to self-represent in a way they want, instead of having an identity given to them by others.

I'm India, and I'm originally from the sunny Northern town of Manchester before I moved to Birmingham to study. As far as people go, I'm pretty boring. My hobbies include that of a pensioner: reading, drinking tea and early nights in with a glass of wine and Netflix. That being said, I have a worryingly intense passion for feminism and will happily chat your ear off about it for hours if you'd let me.


29th October 2018 at 7:00 am