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Devon Smith
BSc Biology, AMSB. Currently a MRes Student at UoB. Newbie blogger interested in scientific communication and all things genetic.

Twitter: @DevonCaira

Pint of Science Festival

Sci&Tech writer, Devon Smith, reports her experiences of last month's Pint of Science Festival!

Posted on 5th June 2015

Pint of Science Festival: Coming to a pub near you

Devon Smith explains the nuts and bolts of the Pint of Science Festival.

Posted on 15th May 2015

Top 5 Coffee Benefits

Did you know that coffee could help to make you more intelligent and keep your brain healthy?

Posted on 23rd March 2015

The Gemini Stratosphere Balloon Project

This Friday morning get yourself to Selly Park and watch as a team of UoB students sends a helium balloon into the stratosphere!

Posted on 17th March 2015

Redbrick Meets… Maggie Lieu, the Mars Girl!

Sci&Tech interviews the UoB PhD student with a one-way ticket to Mars.

Posted on 12th March 2015

Chocolate that Reduces the Signs of Aging!

Chocolate that not only makes us feel great, but also gives us young and healthy skin! Devon Smith finds out if it's too good to be true.

Posted on 8th March 2015

Limpets: Stronger than the rocks they cling to

Research reveals that limpets could be the key to developing stronger man-made materials.

Posted on 23rd February 2015

Breathalyser for Parkinson’s

Sci&Tech's Devon Smith considers the potential of breath tests as a tool for detecting Parkinson's disease.

Posted on 22nd February 2015

New 15-Minute Ebola Test

Devon Smith reports the latest in the fight against Ebola; a new test has been developed.

Posted on 22nd February 2015