Emily Chapman, Author at Redbrick | University of Birmingham
Emily Chapman
2nd year English and History student. I enjoy observing, and generally lamenting, the state of the world as we know it.

Twitter: @emilyisconfused

The Value of Student Journalism

Redbrick discuss the value of student journalism, why it is important, and what it means to the individuals who take part

Posted on 29th March 2019

International Women’s Day: Redbrick’s Women of the Future

Our female editors discuss the women ready to take over the world this International Women's Day

Posted on 8th March 2019

Serena Williams Vs The World

Comment Editor Emily Chapman argues that recent treatment of sportswoman Serena Williams has been not only disrespectful, but at times sexist and racist

Posted on 17th September 2018

Six Months of #MeToo

In light of Harvey Weinstein's indictment, Emily Chapman reflects on the past six months of #MeToo and the impacts it has had

Posted on 16th June 2018

SU2C Bake-Off: Celebrity Bakers Stand Up to Cancer

TV Critic Emily Chapman explains how the SU2C Bake-Off special fits into the tradition of TV charity specials

Posted on 31st March 2018

Review: The Punisher

*Spoiler Warning* Redbrick TV critic Emily Chapman explains why The Punisher is no superhero flick, as Marvel delves deep into the darkness and pain that is Frank Castle

Posted on 22nd January 2018

Weinstein Allegations have Cast a Light on the Ingrained Sexism of the 21st Century

Comment Writer Emily Chapman argues the recent allegations on Hollywood's Weinstein only highlights an ingrained issue of Sexism

Posted on 20th October 2017

University League Tables: Yay or Nay?

Comment Writers Emily Chapman and Lily Haugh debate the pros and cons of University League Tables

Posted on 17th October 2017